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  1. Richard,
    You really must go. It's a bit off the beaten path, but as I understand it, it has evolved into quite a quaint and bustling little village on the farthest reaches of what is known as "the eastside".
    Rumor has it that most of the old dirty "greasy spoons" have been replaced (with one exception), and it's fairly bursting at the seams with romantic, chique little sidewalk cafes serving the local favorite plate of "to die for" poutine.
    And when your palate has been satiated, you can cast directly from the Main St. sidewalks to the swarms of willing salmon reportedly on their spawning run to the frosty cold headwaters of the mighty Snoqualmie R.! What a way to end the day!
    Duvall, the Paris of the west!
    (all done tongue in cheek - I still like Duvall!).
  2. "Duvall, the Paris of the west."

    I almost lost my lunch on that one.

  3. The same phrase was originally used to describe Detroit back in the 1880s.

  4. Hey, I've been thru Duvall when it was just a wide spot on the highway. Hell my first time thru there was about 40 years ago. I was headed to the Forks of the Snoqualmie when the S/F jumped out of it's banks and took out part of I 90. Quite a sight to see.
  5. I tried to donate blood today but they turned me away cuz I have traveled thru duval this past year
  6. Heck Jim, you're old enough to remember US 10 back before there even was an I-90. Can you remember before it was paved?

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  7. Rick Steves on Duvall: "It is best visited off season, when the crowds thin out, and the attractions are less overrun by holidaymakers from Carnation who are known world wide for their quaint Tolt-Snoqualmie dialect and tendency to say "wait...what?" to every question floated their way."
  8. Old Man burned his name in rubber and bakelite with his steam jitney the day before they cut the I90 ribbon....
  9. Ah, glad you found this thread wadin' boot.
    I think I remember that episode. Duvall "through the back door", wasn't it called?
    I'm hoping this trend in progress doesn't continue in the next valley to the north.
    Can you imagine? Startup evolves into the next Redmond, and lil' old Baring ends up being the next Duvall...
    I guess that would mean Goldbar would be the next Bellevue!
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  10. I can remember going to work at Boeing Renton by going down the back roads of Bellevue before I-405 was even thought of. There was a stop light at the crossroads then. We had to drive thru Kirkland, Houghton, and Bellevue to get to work at Renton . That way was quicker than going thru Seattle. No freeways back then. I was living in Alderwood Manor back then. That's when Lynnwood was just a wide spot on Highway 99. A single signal light at 99 and 196th.

    I guess you could say I watched it grow.
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  11. Hot damn! I just spit my coffee all over my computer screen. : )
  12. Hahahahahaha
    That is what paper towels are for.

    You never know what will come out of these fishing dudes.
  13. Went back to Paris, er Duvall again today. Shopped this time, at the hardware store. Reminds me of the Mall of America, somewhat.

    Anyway, Duvall is alive and well on Friday afternoon, Folks were sitting at the tables on the sidewalk, in front of the Duvall Grill, enjoying a libation and sunshine.

    River is falling and albeit dark, looks to be fishable.

    Maybe tomorrow.
  14. I hope you didn't get lost there.......................It's so big you know.
  15. Well, what a coincidence. I also went to Duvall yesterday and I went to the hardware store to get some fast set epoxy. While I was there I also went to the post office to pick up my mail, The grocery store for some milk and yogurt. The library to return some books and videos as well as pick up some stuff I had on hold and last but not least the bookstore also to pick up some books they had on hold for my wife. Whew! It was an exciting and fulfilling trip. Unfortunately I didn't look at the river.

    This morning I will be returning to the hardware store as I discovered I need a 1/4" dowel and some small rubber bumpers for the same project that I needed the epoxy for. I can report back on that when I return.

    Maybe we should make this thread a sticky to keep a running report on all our visits to the Paris of the west.

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  16. Prezactly like I said. Mall of America on a local scene.

    Maybe I was that guy behind you in the cashier's line.
    I bought a bird feeder and some Moss out. We have moss.
    Imagine that. We also have birds. My wife thinks I am for the birds.
  17. This whole thread is for the birds.........................What do you think about that ??????????????????
  18. I don't think. It causes headaches.
  19. What kind of birds?

    We have hummingbirds!

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