Just got back from Duvall

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  1. does Duvall have exotic birds?
  2. Well, Phil, I would expect that they have birds. At least I did see a black raven or was it a crow? One can never be sure. It was black, however I did not hear it utter the phrase NEVERMORE. Maybe it was a crow.

    I did not see chickadees, robins, eagles, nor hummingbirds, however.
    There were a few chicks walking along the thoroughfare, but I suspect that they would not meet the criteria of birds.

    Perhaps one of the residents of Duvall will jump in with some solid intel and give us the run down on the aerial denizens of Duvall.
    If they were to throw in a fish report, that would be a bonus.
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  3. It sure doesn't take long for a thread to go to hell, does it.
  4. How do you curcomsize a guy from Duvall...... You kick his sister in the chin
  5. Nope! :D
  6. The road to Hell Duvall is paved with good intentions.

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  7. There is nothing wrong with Duvall. Just stay away from there.
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  8. And speed bumps.

    Got one just west of the bridge.
  9. Duvallians have ... [​IMG]
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  10. Why is this thread still going
  11. Duvall is still there. We need to discuss it.

  12. Beats politics
  13. I went fishing with someone from Duvall (Outer Duvall, more specifically), the other day, and found him erudite and a charming fishing companion. He also uses these special, imported, hooks to tie flies on. Paris of the west? Well, maybe so...
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  14. See, Culture is alive and well in Duvall. Perhaps, we will someday witness the building a a pavilion, in similar architecture to the Louvre, that houses fly fishing memorabilia and art.

    Along with the gourmet dinning that is now available even as I type,
    can make Duvall the Paris of the western hemisphere.
  15. We need something cheerful to talk about. This fits the bill.
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  16. Then how about a Duvall weather report? Everyone is so interested in what we gots goins ons out here.

    It's foggy this morning. It's foggy every morning.
  17. Duvall is a good place to be from!
  18. I am FROM Duvall. About 2 miles. That is not a lot of FROM.
    That said, my weather report is much different from Evan's.
    We have no fog. It is clear, a balmy, albeit, rain soaked morning,
    with warm temperatures in the high 40's. I have not seen clouds of swarming insects over the water course as yet, but perhaps later in the morning after I have had my gourmet cereal and coffee.

    Perhaps a BWO will find time to share the morning with me.
  19. Mostly they're a bunch of ne'er do wells in Outer Duvall. I wonder if you could arrange an introduction. Sounds like someone I might could learn something from but I'm not too sure about them fancy imported hooks.

  20. I visited the Paris of Cherry Valley again today. It was raining.

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