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  1. Using these directions, those seeking Duvall will never find it, and that's a good thing. Clever move.
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  2. Ah yes, but they can always stop and ask the gendarme at the roundabout,for directions. But one thing that is sadly lacking in
    Duvall, is a theme park. Perhaps big money from New York or
    California will come in and take advantage of this lacking feature.

    More neon and bigger roadways. That is the ticket.
  3. This thread is even better than that one word one. Keep it up you oldster. I can't call you an old man because I are one.
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  4. Funny enough, when I was partaking in the usage of the local coffee house's technology yesterday, the table of hippies next to me were having a passionate discussion about the dangers of the 203 roundabout. It's a hot topic of discussion in these parts.
  5. Ah, so. Obviously they are not acquainted with the gendarme stationed at the Roundabout for tourist convenience. I was struck with the opinion that the roundabout was placed there for some sort of rally racing obstacle, combined with a swift decent on Novelty Hill road, across the bridge, and around the ROUNDABOUT. A few bails of straw placed strategically along the side of the road, some spectators standing alongside of the cows, at the side of the road and, voila, you have a rally! Eat your heart out Grand Prix.

    Throw in the wader and vest attired perplexed fisherman, wearing a wide brim floppy hat, with rod in hand, standing next to the bridge, wondering where all these people came from. Duvall at it's finest.
  6. Really, now. Duvall today is really a theme park based on the real Duvall that once was.

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  7. Well, you have a point, Richard. But, and there is always that pesky but, Duvall the new, does not have rides, like the Big Wheel.
  8. Amen! The Silver Spoon is now a Thai restaurant for god sake.
  9. It is?
    How cosmopolitan it has become!
  10. We have TWO Thai restaurants. As well as a sushi bar.
  11. Not to mention gourmet burgers and a pizza ristorante.
  12. What's a theme park without a mascot? Who would you choose to represent Duvall?

  13. A ling cod?
  14. Talking about Thai Restaurants. We used to have one here in Dillon. But it went out of business due to lack of customers. Chinese does a little better here. Farmers don't take to Thai food like the flat lander's do
  15. You need more Washingtonians to come visit you.
  16. All this talk about Duvall got me to thinking about visiting sometime. So I asked Mrs. Salmo if she'd like to switch our spring vacation plans from Maui to Duvall. We are using a time-share exchange for the Maui stay, so she's looking on the interwebz to see what time-share exchanges might be available in Duvall. There doesn't seem to be anything available for early April though.

  17. That's high season. Come back when all the tourists are gone.
  18. I was recently introduced to the Oriental delights of Duvall. For a small town, that hamlet has a lot of Seoul.

  19. Yeah, looking into that. Bummer on the time share.

    My suggestion is to stay with the Maui thingy for now and check back later to see what is available. Perhaps, a three bedroom top floor condo overlooking the sparkling Snoqualmie river and Fred's sheep farm next door. Rates will not be as favorable as Maui's but the aviance is excellent. Travel time from SeaTac is a lot less also.
  20. I have a spare shed bungalow that I would be willing to time-share. Its an addition attached to the pump house so fresh water and electricity is assured. It is a few miles outside of Duvall proper and offers a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Duvall. Within easy walking distance of the famous round-about where you can setup lawn chairs and enjoy the confusion from a comfortable distance.
    Let me know.

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