Just got back from Duvall

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    Do you have signs up to direct the traffic to your establishment, Tim?
  2. Do you have your own vegetable and herb garden to accompany the freah catch meal of the day? Nice thyme lemon pepper trout over your garden's own au gratin potatoes, buttered dill carrots, nice cup of coffee, and inhaling that pristine unincorporated Duvall air. :)
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  3. Jeeeez, you are asking a lot of Tim, Porter!
  4. Well, it is Duvall after all ;) $$$
  5. Well, there is that.
  6. Sorry guys but due to the quick thinking and decisive actions of more than two dozen forum members we are now booked solid for the foreseeable future or until hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

  7. Well, South Dakota got a dump of snow the other day. Hell could be next.
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  8. I'll keep this in mind when ever I decide to come back and visit you all in Washington State again.
  9. Lockup the liquor and fish, OMJ is coming to town.
  10. Not in the near future. So all is safe for now. Was thinking maybe this summer, but just to visit.
  11. Best be talking to Tim. He says his B & B is booked up for a long time.
  12. Well, I am packing the car for my trip to DUVALL this afernoon.

    Got the bait packed on ice and the beer in the trunk.

    I am sooooo excited.
  13. You came just in time. I know of a few coho that are in my freezer in Duvall. They might still be willing to cooperate.

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  14. Sunny in Duvall today !
  15. Ya betcha. Beautimus drive down main street.
  16. it was foggy until the Coho limit was reached. Then it cleared up and all was well.
  17. Where do you keep your net. Evan?
  18. DSC02888 Duvall fall leaves Oct 26, 2008.jpg

    Walking to my favorite SRC spot...
  19. Nice picture Mr. Schager!

    No Duvall for me today. Headed for Costco and the UPS store.
    Got to send one of my reels back to Daddy to have it fixed.

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