Just got back from Duvall

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  1. ...she's "shining" alright...
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  2. Well she was until they got out into that maze in the middle of that snow storm. I saw that movie also. Jack Nicholson was the berries in it.
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  3. I hope to drive through Duvall this week, as I do I will think of this thread and what I might be able to add of value to this lovely and interesting on-going topic of Duvall, WA. :p
  4. Remember to obey the traffic laws. Will you be going Northbound or
    Southbound? Although DUVALL, cosmopolitan as it is, does not have a fly shop, there is one further south, in Carnation. But that is another town ship and another story.
  5. There's a fly shop in carnation?
  6. Shit, don't go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is Aaron's still there and is he just open on Thursday's and a half a day on Saturday's
  7. Donno Jim. My last trip through there the sign read, "CLOSED"
    I stopped in to see what he had once day, and he tried to convert me
    to two hand fishing. I sometimes have trouble finding both hands so
    why would I want a rod with two grips?

    Golfman, the shop is on the south end of town on the east side of the street. It is an
    old house with a sign on the front. I believe the name of it is River Run or somesuch
    name. Just bring your money and walk in. He will sell you a brand new Spey rod and
    some line and maybe a new reel. Noooooo Problemo.
  8. River Run Anglers. The shop isn't "open" very often, but I believe Aaron conducts his casting clinics on the Sloqualmie most if not all Saturdays in Fall City.

  9. I used to spend a little time in his shop. I once tied up 100 Blood Worms for him. That took a little time as all were of the woven kind. He's also the kind of guy that will loan you a rod or a reel. No questions asked.
  10. I only met the man once and he seemed nice enough to me. He was a little miffed at the fishing regs but hey, who isn't sometimes?
  11. Yeah, and then go back to his shop after classes and bullshit and drink beer. I did that many times with Aaron.
  12. Looks like another trip to DUVALL. Need to pick up some SeaFoam
    for my outboard and a few other things.
  13. You need to cut down on your trips there. Evan and Itchy Dog will think you are stalking them.
  14. It is soooooo close to home.

    The beauty of Main street....well, I just can't look away.
  15. Itchy Dog is a Duvallian?
  16. Yup. Moved here in 1990 because we couldn't afford to buy a house anywhere else. Never left. Unless I can talk Mrs. Itchy into moving east, I'm not going anywhere.
  17. You say that like it is a BAD thing.

    Being a DUVALLIAN is ken to being a Roman Citizen in the good olde days, only without all the road apples. AND, you don't have all those pesky Vandals and Barbarians sacking the place every week.
  18. The story of most of us who moved to Duvall.
  19. I worked in outer Woodinville also.
  20. Hey this thread is slowly dying. You can't let this happen.

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