just one fly... or two....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sean Beauchamp, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. just remember, spin-fisherman are people too...

    in a world filled with millions of flies tied in many millions of variations, it is tough to fish only one fly. know i ask you, if you were stuck in the wilderness and you had only ONE rod ad ONE fly pattern and you had to fish (heaven forbid) in order to keep from becoming cougar bait, what rod and what fly pattern would you choose???
  2. Hares Ear both black and tan
  3. Tan beaded hares ear.
  4. Olive woolley bugger.
  5. Simple enough; a 5 wt. and a beadhead black marabou leech in a size 10.

  6. just one fly... or two.... or a third

    Beadhead flashback hares ear #16 (with a BH olive marabou bugger in reserve) and a 5 weight...and a Kimber Ultra .45 cal to tickle that cougar when he gets too close!
  7. Matter of life and death? 6-wt, slime-line, black woollybugger. Matter of fun and games? 4-wt and a tan elk-haired caddis.
  8. I'd go with my 4 weight rod and a bead head pheasant tail nymph if the wilderness I was stuck in had smaller steams or lakes. I'd take my 6 weight and a cone head black wooley bugger if I was near a bigger river and in a windy area.

    I take both with me when I go fishing so if I got stuck, I'd have them both with me.

  9. No question about it...16 BHGRHE!
    If I could have a 2nd fly...12 yellow stimy.

  10. just remember, spin-fisherman are people too...

    size 8 olive carey special, 5 wt rod, type II sinking line
  11. I might be old---but I'm good.

    I would take a compass. I got lost once in the woods over night. It wasn't any fun. It's something that I wouldn't recommend.

    Jim S.
  12. fly lady

    If I could only have one fly to use for the rest of my fishing life it would be a green carey special. It is an awesome fly because it imitates so many different insects, works from early spring to late summer. When fishing is slow a little worm added to the hook or a little powerbait for smell and it is in business again. :BIGSMILE
  13. POWERBAIT? I hope you don't use this technique on a regular basis! I would be somewhat disappointed to know someone on this page was resoting to cheating to catch fish. Tell me its NOT so.
    Jim J.
  14. 6wt glass rod and size 8 black woolly bugger. I would want my beadhead nymph and renegade dry but if it were one fly for all conditions in all kinds of water it would have to be a bugger.

  15. fly lady
    I certainly do not use powerbait or worms either. My flies are good enough to stand on their own and they do but I have sure seen lots of power bait and worms used and cheating or not it does catch trout. :BIGSMILE
  16. Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    Sheeeeesh, I can tell mosta you folk are fishing nonselective planter fish for sure! Wolley Buggers,Carries,and gack, Hares Ears.

    Actually those three WILL catch fish most of the year and I used to be a Carrie Special dragger too when I started.

    But now I know better.

    A size 14 black or Dk. green chironomid would be the one fly I took and I'd eat trout for dinner while most of you were looking sorry and drooling.
  17. fishnfella-

    Since you have made a lot of posts you must know that this forum is full of enthusiastic and generous people. Why spoil it by being so condescending and saying things like you did in your last post. You weren't even ragging on me and i was offended.
  18. just remember, throw 'em back

    I agree Steelie, but I think it is unwise of us to jump to conclusions and think that fishnfela was in any way intentionally trying to be condescending and rying to offend, he put in his $.02 and we have to deal wth it. He might of been joking for all we know. Love thy Neighbor.
  19. hey

    If i was in survival mode in the wilderness i'd take my Hardy Hololite 6wt. cane rod and my choice of fly would be an imitation of the stonefly when it's just shed it's old body.

    Now, if i were in survival mode in the wilderness and my kids were depending on me, i'd take the worst fly in my fly box, remove the dubbing, the hackle, the wing and the tail, and then i'd carefully place a worm on the bare hook. Survival is assured.

    However, survival, if the kids aren't involved, is, in comparison with fly fishing, - highly overrated!

  20. FF - sounds like you need to fish some more remote places. Sure, fish in Rocky Ford and other eastside zoos where the trout see thousands of flies a week will get a bit picky - but I still nail the fish in these places on woolly buggers. Maybe not as good as other methods for some of these poor fish with sore mouths, but they certainly work. Especially night fishing. Try those chronies at night vs a big leech or bugger and see who is eating fish :THUMBSUP

    If anyone can get lost at rocky ford or at lake lenice, then you may have a point...

    But, where people tend to get lost is in remote wilderness areas, and the trout haven't seen very many flies. A good attractor patter will do the job extremely well.

    For example, try fishing the upper elwah, where these wild beauties make the eastside trout look like tired catfish. I fished stretches last summer that were normally in-accessible, but since the water was so low, I had some semi-virgin water to myself. These bows and bull trout\dollies simply devoured buggers like there was no tomorrow...

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