Just wanted to say thank you!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. well I decided to give fly tying a try and I posted on here and got a few reply's. But I wanted to say thank you to Tony Abaloney and Rovaki. Tony sent me a vice and bobbin and Rovaki put together a GREAT PACKAGE for me to get started with. So thank you Tony and Rovaki. I know from now on I will buy my fly tying stuff from Rovaki as that is his business and I am sure from looking at my local fly shop that I got a great deal to get started with. So for you out there that do fly tie you might want to give him a message as he seemed to have a ton of stuff for me to go through to find what I needed and he helped me look for the stuff I needed based on what I told him I wanted to tie. Which helped a lot as I am new. So just wanted to tell the forum about two people that went out of there way, which has happened on here a lot, to show me how to get started on fly tying.
  2. Its a great forum, Ed Call did the same for me a while back to get me started. When I am good enough that I start buying new stuff I plan to pass this vice / tools off to a new person.
  3. That's funny that all that Tony asked just for me to play it forward and this is a great site!!

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