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  1. Anybody else having this problem. I don't hit nothing but get logged out all the time. I just commented on a thread and when I posted it I got logged out somehow. It frustrating to have to log back on what I didn't log off to begin with.
  2. I visit this site from three different computers in three different locations plus my cell phone and I have never been logged off.
  3. Do you check mark the box to Keep Me Logged In?
  4. Duh, Why didn't I think of that. Yes, I do all the right things. It must be a quirk of some kind as that I come to you all from Montana. Good excuse, huh.
  5. Jim, I believe that a member is automatically logged-out after either posing a perceived threat to the 1 million post limit or when said recent posts are submitted from an area experiencing >6' of snow or -20-degree F temps. And posting from my home state of MT isn't a quirk, it's a blessing . . . enjoy!

    Happy New Year, my Friend!

  6. It did this to me again. I tried to load a picture and it kicked me off. I had to jump through many hoops to get logged back on. I'm almost afraid to try to load another picture.
  7. Conspiracy. Kind of funny! Wish I had thought up this prank.
  8. Sorry for your frustration, Jim, us 'seniors" are always in a catch up mode with the internet stuff I think. What was the name of the character in the Li' Abner comic strip that always had the storm cloud over him? Feels like that sometimes with computers.
  9. Now I can't load any pictures. I'm pulling out my hair if I had any I could grab. It's only about 1/2 inch long.
  10. I think there's a function that allows the board to mess with cranky old farts.
  11. It sure bis fun being like this. I think I will try to load another picture.

    It worked this time, but it isn't the picture I wanted. Back to the drawing board.
  12. When you dropped Binary Billy's Internet service he swore his revenge.
  13. This had been pissing me off, too. Phone rings and I answer it, or I go pour more coffee and get distracted for a few moments and then come back to my computer....finish my post, and then get "You must be logged on to do that!"
    Then, when I log back on, my post is lost. Gone. Disappeared. Evaporated. Lost in Space. Eaten by some digital dog.
    There must be some way to save the original post. I've lost some well-thought out posts, and then gotten frustrated and just posted a quick cheap-ass wise crack instead. I mean, why even think and type, if its all going to be "lost." It seems like I have to check the "stay logged in" box each time I log in, or else this happens.
    Why can't I check that box just once, and have it be good until I decide to change it? DANG!

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