KIller Day on SF Snoqualmie

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brookie_Hunter, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. That is a great sized bow! especially for where I think you are you got me confused! Nice fish
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  2. Trying to keep you on your toes there Golfman. :D
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  3. Its working!

    But in a weird way I'd prefer to not know. Something about finding and exploring shit on my own up there is half the fun (if not more). In 50 years I'll be Old Man 2.0 on here talking about the good old days up on the forks

    Just curious tho, have you been nymphing a bit for some of those hogs? Each time I go up there I tell myself I should nymph some of the pools more often (I have success with prince's, GRHE's, zug bugs, etc) but man...throwing dries out there on the new 2wt is just way too much fun to pass up. Each trip that I don't run into a larger forks fish I get that feeling that I shoulda nymphed more.
  4. I usually avoid nymphing like the plague but I've been using a small, none weighted dropper (#18/20) with a lot of success this Summer, here and when I was in Yellowstone earlier in the month. When nothing is flying around I guess you got to do something to change things up. So in the morning this has been particularly working great. Then when I see things start to flutter around late morning (e.g. small tan/pale caddis last couple of times out) I change to that. Later in the afternoon, slightly larger stimulators have been working.

    Also the key to success today in getting both those bigger guys was fishing the very edge of the tail out first and then dragging the fish sitting there out of the pool before it alarmed the big guys farther up the small pool.

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