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  1. So I bought the film about Megan Boyd titled Kiss the Water from iTunes. I really like tying, so i figured it would be interesting. First off, if you are looking for an angling film, keep on moving. This is not one. But I did find it interesting from an art/history perspective. And I completely understood her fascination (even if I do not share a 10th of her commitment).

    I still really find it interesting that she never fished. And I giggled out loud when she was quoted telling her student "We tie flies for Salmon fishermen, not Salmon."

    There are some kind of long sequences with instrumental music and animation, that if I am honest felt like a way to fill time and use up B roll. But on the whole I did enjoy the film and would recommend it if you are a tying buff.
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  2. Thanks Dave, I've been curious about the film but not sure if it would be worth buying it. I'm sure I'd enjoy the history part of it, just might have to get it sometime....

  3. I think you'd enjoy it.
  4. I have`nt seen it , but I`d really like to .

    I LOVE eccentric people , and Ms. Boyd had eccentricity in spades .
  5. I saw the film at the Spokane International Film Festival (SPIFF). Saw it with a fishing buddy and brought the ladies along. It was pretty good, I really got excited about the commitment to perfection and the little details of each fly. I'm really moved by that perfection for a complicated fly. But yes, there were some slow parts and I wasn't to keen on the musical/animated segments intertwined. Sure seems like it would have been fun to order some flies from her, or walk up there to pick them up. And she turned down visiting the royalty because of bridge night or something!?! Ha!

    P.S. This is my 100th post. Someone buy me a beer.
  6. I even got a trophy:


    A little off topic though...

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