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  1. I like good sharp knives when I cook. It just makes every thing so much better. I use an old 2-pistol Boyt case (with a new piece of foam) to pack my knives for the mule ride from the trailhead into camp.


    Shun honing steel
    Shun Classic bread knife
    Henckel Pro 8"
    Shun Premier chef 6"
    Messermeister Meridian paring

    I have a lot invested in this case and with these knives I can prep anything. That bread knife will cut a large loaf of bread like this one when it's still warm without smashing it.


    Every now and then someone ends up helping me in camp. I'm picky about my knives and it makes me crazy when I get them perfectly honed and the helper scrapes whatever they cut off the cutting board with the working edge of the knife and then cleans the blade by running across the edge of a metal bowl.

    So yesterday I went down to Goodwill and bought two crap knives. I spent a total of $1.85 for the both of them. Next time someone wants to help, those are the knives I'm going to let them use.

  2. I like a good sharp knife also. My wife doesn't understand that as she's a "knife banger". I think she got some understanding the one day I had to take her to the emergency room to get the tip of her one finger sewn back on.

    "I was just washing it...." is what I heard.
  3. I don't let anyone wash my knives for the reason you point out - a trip to the ER for stitches takes a lot longer.

    I tell my wife "I don't wear your underwear, so don't use my good chef knives . . . "
  4. I like kitchen knives sharpened to where they are shaving sharp and not the paper cutting sharp.
  5. Nice collection. Love your story and agree. Never thought about keeping some crap knives for yokels.

    When I met my wife I discovered that she didn't own a single decent kitchen knife. The first Christmas while we were dating I gave her a Henckel's 4" paring knife that is still her favorite. And she has cut her finger a couple times using it. A few years later I moved in with her, and our knives are combined in the same kitchen block. She leaves the knife maintenance to me, but understands that knives never go in the dishwasher and are not allowed to be banged around during kitchen duties.
  6. I have a 8" chef from Shun that is my baby. Both my girlfriend and our other roommate know that that knife is off limits no matter what. They have free reign on anything else in the block, but my knife is not to be used

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  7. Our 30 year old set of Henckels is still just flawless and my favorite-the 9'' chefs knife-is a no nonsense tool for serious work. But if I could find any excuse no matter how small I would be all over that Shun 7'' Santoku knife. What a beauty!

  8. Those look pretty nice. My wife sure would like you use the fine points to pry up the tab on her pop.
  9. And she bought this?

    For the sake of accuracy I suggest, " if you are going to use my knives make sure they are left in he same condition you found them."
  10. Paul, it's just a running joke with us. I keep her knives sharp, but I do most of the cooking when I'm home, so I'm the one with the knife anyway. When I'm in the backcountry cooking the knives are with me. She has no interest in using my knives or guns.

  11. It's not her interest in knives I was calling into question
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  12. I have a hodgepodge of knives. Most are ok, but have two nicer ones. Found 2 Henckels in a camper I bought years ago. A serated bread knife and a paring knife. :)

    Yup, I do keep a set of knives though for others to abuse. I've had a knife given back to me that was used to pry a beer cap off. Yup, seriously. Still have it. Was one of my bigger chef's knives I used for heavy chopping.

  13. I bought a set of Shun knives and they are so amazing I can't bear to leave them home when I go camping; although I DO keep some more mundane knives in my camping kitchen for chores that might risk the edge on my Shuns. Japanese steel is without peer, in my opinion.
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