Kodiak Island in August 2012

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    In mid-August I went to Larsen Bay Lodge on Kodiak Island for a 5 day (3 fresh, 2 salt) salmon and halibut fishing trip. It was definately a trip of a "lifetime" and the pictures will not do it justice. The Coho (silvers) were three weeks late, so we mostly focused on pinks and what fresh sockeye would could find. The halibut fishing was insane with most of the fish between 10 - 20 lbs with the biggest being around 50 lbs.

    The sights were at par with the fishing and as you will see from the pics, I had one of the true once in a lifetime fishing experiences.
    Bush Plane.jpg Baggage.JPG

    The float plane in and our baggage.

    Bear on Trail.JPG
    On the very first day, we walked right into a sow Kodiak bear with her cub.
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    There were bears everywhere feeding on sockeye, so we went to the "non bear" area.
    Bear tracks.JPG Bear.jpg Falls Bear.jpg Bear at Olga.jpg
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    After walking about 1 1/2 miles, we finally arrived at the "non-bear" area and starting catching some nice pinks.
    Bright Pink.jpg Pink at lga II.jpg Pink at Olga.jpg
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    About two hours into some great pink fishing at the "non-bear" area, I heard the guide calling my name. I was a bit surprised about what happened next.

    IMG_2275.JPG Dan & Bear RZ.jpg
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    The old sow was pretty content on fishing in my hole, and the guide was yelling, "Don't move, don't move." Little did he know, but i had all ready had a movement. At one point, as you can see from the picture she was so close you can not even see her in picture. Needless to say, it was a little unnerving.

    Face to Face.jpg Shoo.jpg Sow and Cub.jpg

    Finally, after about ten minutes, she grew tired of my BS and wondered off with her cub. Whewwww!!!!!
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    I love Kodiak, after Labor Day the crowds die off but the Coho fishing can be fantastic. Looks like you had a nice trip even sans Coho.
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    I love Kodiak as well. One of my favorite places. I also know Larsen Bay well. What river were you fishing, Karluk, Dog?
    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
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    Now that's some serious "adrenaline" fishing. Yeah, i'd have to head back in to have my pants and waders washed after an encounter with a momma bear.
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    We fished both of them. Great lodge with excellent services.
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    Looks like a great time, hope to make my first AK run in the near future. Thanks for sharing.
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    Haha, great pictures. I had this happen to me in September of the Kenai. I was fishing the upper river when I looked behind me and a momma grizzly/2 cubs were about 30 yards away. I jumped back in the drift boat and let them fish that hole.