Kona no ka oi

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  1. 1526635_1433401050222167_907505636_n.jpg Here's a few shots from some recent action in Kona, a mix of shoreline action and nearshore fishing with a couple buddies.......aloha.

    947289_1432981453597460_1663331040_n.jpg 1003576_1436669209895351_1123936426_n.jpg 1453454_1435390506689888_1063381016_n.jpg 1475985_1431935650368707_1246051612_n.jpg 1476234_1432585043637101_2052236724_n.jpg 1479051_1432260417002897_78614476_n.jpg 1479309_1433736476855291_1357727639_n.jpg 1484116_1436173753278230_966175517_n.jpg 1486672_1435708896658049_1251622167_n.jpg 1501714_1436173886611550_1547113607_n.jpg 1505172_1437460843149521_915301103_n.jpg 1505205_1432585116970427_1494075623_n.jpg 1505394_1437458433149762_896992465_n.jpg 1509008_1431929290369343_1686287515_n.jpg 1509046_1435950979967174_1815143799_n.jpg 1510879_1431926143702991_593968325_n.jpg 1511036_1433401286888810_240667747_n.jpg

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  2. Nice fish, Mingo!

    I'm on Oahu right now- have been since December- and did a quick hop to Molokai for a day of bonefishing (flew there, fished, flew back in one day).

    Next time you're out this way shout me and we can go fish together.

  3. Ulua or nothing! Nice fish.
  4. Fish, what fish? All I saw was the black dress! :)
  5. What, no Oio????
  6. See you next month, brah!
  7. Ever fished the flats of Molokai? The south side of the island has lots of flats to fish for bonefish.
  8. Cool looking fish
  9. Yes, once, and one day offshore. I can't wait to go back. Molokai is a time capsule glance back into the old Hawai'i.
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  10. I stayed there for two weeks out on the west end. But, traveled most of island. One little town of about 3,500 that must go back to the 1940's in looks. No too much commercialism going on. I really thought it was probably like Hawaii before 1960. No one gets in a hurry! Only fast food is a Sub Way and a local hamburger venture. They have the longest beach in Hawaii, 3 miles long - 6 miles walk. I would walk that whole beach from about 6 AM to 8 AM up and back and never see anyone but me. I liked it. My wife said there wasn't enough to do. They had golf, fishing, swimming, hiking, turkey hunting, deer hunting, etc. What else could you want. :D
  11. Hey Mingo,
    Good to see that view offshore from Kailua Kona again. Last time I was on a boat out there was 37 years ago working as deckhand pursuing Marlin.
    One of the best parts of the job was skipping a fly behind the boat at daylight for little Aku (skipjack) - we used them as bait. A 3 or 4 pounder was about the right size bait for a big Marlin.
    I didn't see all those fish species you always show - fantastic.
    Are you seeing any snow on the volcanoes yet?
  12. love the salt. nothing like that variety! thanks for the post mingo!
  13. Dude that's awesome. For a Hilo boy, seeing those fish is making me home sick.
  14. My contribution to a bump. I love these pictures.
  15. Awesome.

    Thanks for sharing. Never seen a all black trigger before. Off to google....

    edit: Hawaiian black trigger. Makes sense I guess. heh

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