Korean Stle Ribs

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  1. I'm a big fan of Korean food

    Kalbi Ribs:
    Marinate in Kalbi or Teriaki overnight and grill. Simple and delicious.
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  2. Patrick, do you make your own Kalbi sauce? There are so many different recipes for it, I wondered if you have a favorite. I'm not much of a fan of bottled sauces.

  3. The post would have been better with the pic!

    I don't really measure, but I use something like this: 1 cup Soy Sauce, 4 cloves chopped garlic and 4 Tablespoons of honey from my wife's beehive. I put the ribs and sauce in a zip lock, press all the air out and put it in the fridge. Remember to pat them dry before you put them on the fire, or you won't get nice grill marks.

    I bet we have some Korean American forum members that will have a more authentic recipe.

  4. Have you seen the Kimchi Chronicles on PBS?


    We've been eating a lot more Korean and Korean fusion food lately. Later this week I'll be making an Alsatian Baekeoffe with Kimchi.
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  5. Love me some Kimchi. I used to have a Korean lady make me some when I lived in SD. Burned going down and burned coming out the other end.

    Haven't found any hot enough here yet. I went to a Thai restuarant the other week and asked for a 10 on the hotness scale...they must have confused it with the food temp as it didn't have any bite at all. Unacceptable.
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  6. Thanks for the Link. I'll be checking it out.

    Has anyone had any success replicating the sauce that you get with Bi Bim Bap at a restaurant? It's a sort of spicy, smokey sauce almost like a chipotle barbeque sauce.
  7. Some Seattle places get it right, but our one and only Thai place in Ellensburg really doesn't understand heat. Their five star is a Seattle one star.
  8. I call it Korean Ketchup. It is fermented paste of chilis, rice, and soybeans called gochujang. It sounds pretty tricky to make, having to tend to the fermentation for 3-4 weeks.

    here is a little review about some different brands and how they stacked up on taste

    As far as my kalbi recipe, I like to go with soy sauce, chopped green onion, lots of garlic, a little honey, a little brown sugar, a splash of mirin, some sesame oil, and some crushed red chili. I let them soak for 2 days before draining and grilling. It can be nice to save a cup or so of the mixture off the side before adding the meat to reduce into a finishing sauce too.
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  9. That is the recipe that I started with and then tinkered to find one that better suited my tastes. I eliminated the onion and subbed an entire bunch of chopped green onion and tossed out the pear as it didn't do much for me. Then I increased the garlic and mirin and decreased the brown sugar and the water. As it is, that recipe is very good, I just modified to suit my particular tastes.
  10. I was thinking it looked like to much sugar.
  11. Yes, it's a fair amount of sugar and, if you do follow this recipe, ya gotta watch 'em close or the sugar will burn on the grill pretty quickly.
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  12. Ain't it the TRUTH!! I managed to bring home a jar of nuc mom fish sauce when I returned from the jungle. The stuff was the edible version of white phosphorus. Here, there's no such thing as "Thai hot", it's all "round-eye" hot. Same with Mexican food here in the states. My family used to have a cattle ranch near Zacatecas, and our cook was a GOD!!! He ruined me for anything else here in Norte.
  13. Damned, think I may have to make myself a batch of ribs now. I really do miss the ribs and kimchi of my youth.

    But funny, agree on the heat. I remember as a little kid my Uncle Jim (he was actually my Grandfathers best friend, but I grew up refering to him as my uncle) had brought home a Korean bride after the Korean War. Remember Meyong of course made authentic Korean food. I get my heat resistence eating from my Grandpa Dave. I remember serving up a bowl of Meyong's kimchi and chowing down. I have his hairline, so it was funny watching his forehead sweat, and then watching his bald head start turning red. Funny I get same reactions. LOL. I can handle the heat, just my bodies reaction to injesting it. But I can NOT recreate her ribs to save my life. Wish she was still alive to teach me. She also did a poached fish that was stuffed that was out of this world too.
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  14. Here's the one I use, fairly similar although this one calls for a lot less sugar and adds ginger and red pepper. I use more ginger than the recipe calls for, just because I like it. I also like to boil down the marinade to make a glaze/sauce as well.

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