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  1. Alex MacDonald

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    We got introduced to a Kamado Joe at Jason's housewarming/welcome home bash, and seeing what it could do, we got one too. I have to admit, the thing's incredible! Thanks, Jason! We've added a deep dish pizza stone in addition to the standard flat one, and I'm going to be giving slow cooking brisket a go here in a few more days. So far, the thing's done an incredible job on steaks, ribs, salmon and various pizzas! With the Little Chief smoker and this thing, I wonder what the Fall hunting season will bring! Yeah, they're expensive, but so versatile, it's worth the $$.
  2. orangeradish

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    Glad you dig it. I'm stoked every time I use it. Good stuff.
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    Wait, there was food there?
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    I'd love to have a kamado joe or a green egg , but I have yet to find one for sale at a garage sale so far this summer.
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