Kudos to Norm at NorVise

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Eyejuggler, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Last week my Norvise light snapped at the base where it clamps on to the post. I blamed fatigue on the plastic connector bit from constant bending and tweaking of the lamp.
    I emailed them with a pic and Norm messaged me back saying he had the fix and would send it out asap when he got back from Albany.
    Smooth, no hassle and on his dime, good stuff.
    It arrived today and installed fast and easily.

    Thanks for the responsive fix!

    Now I can bust out my SRC flies for the swap!



    After with new, leaner and more direct connection.


  2. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    Norm has always been a stand up guy.
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  3. NCL Active Member

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    I have also had the same positive experience when dealing with Norm, his level of customer service is over the top.
  4. Tacoma Red Active Member

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    The guy is a Champ! and an exemplary model for small American business.
  5. Dr Bob Member

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    Norm's customer service has always been outstanding for anything that I have purchased. I recently bought a new set of jaws for my Norvise and I had them in 3 days. He goes above and beyond in my opinion.

    Dr Bob
  6. Poff Member

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    I ordered a Norvise and accessories last Friday afternoon and they arrived on Monday morning. That's pretty impressive especially considering it was only priority shipping. Sounds like Norm and his wife know how to treat people right.