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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by MacRowdy, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. I am new to the forum. Just moved here from Utah (Provo River). I am wondering if anyone can tell me if I can drive my Acura Integra/FishMobile up to Chopaka this time of year. Whitey thinks I can but (hehehe) I don't know if it is managable since Whitey doesn't have a photographic memory and can't seem to remember what the road was like last time he went up. Anyway, if someone can give me a little advice on that I would greatly appreciate it.


    MacRowdy :DUNNO
  2. The road is like a typical logging road. Gravel, washboards on the hills, a few pot holes here and there. If you take it easy you should be fine.
  3. My Acura does fine. The road is in pretty good shape. Just don't miss the turn off the main forest road to Chopaka 2 times like I did. By the way, when are you going up there? I'll be fishing it next week some time either on my way to the BC interior lakes or on the way back.

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  4. I have driven my Volkswagen Jetta up that road. It is doable if you take it easy. The biggest risk is really to your tires. Lots of broken, sharp rocks in certain places, but if you take it slow you can avoid them.
  5. Yeah I hear ya on the broken rock thing. Gotta love puttin on that tiny doughnut tire. Thanks for the advice!
    ~MacRowdy :BIGSMILE
  6. Sparse Grey Hackle,
    Thanks for the encouragment. So you have an Acura/FishMobile too!? They make great rally cars ifyaknowhatimsaying. Last fall I took my moms Accord in places that no man should ever take a 2 wheel drive vehicle. It was pure classic rally car comedy.

    We are heading up a week from today. If you would like details hook up with Whitey. There is a good size group of us going up at different times throughout the week. Also what lakes are you fishing?
  7. We call it "Super Acura" around here. I bought that 1990 Acura Legend from my parents when I graduated from college in 1999. It runs like a champ (knock on wood), but it is going to die any day, I just know it. Its probably going to die on this trip. Go figure.

    Anyhow, I don't leave for BC until probably Sunday or Monday. I am going fishing around 100 Mile House first and then Little Fort (10/9-10) and and then will hit a BC Okanogan lake or two on the way out. I've got a bunch of lakes that have been suggested, but will not be able to make it to all of them. I plan to fish a lake a day, and my movement will depend on weather and elevation differences in the area. If you and your buds see an old Acura out there, you've found "Ol' Sparse". Feel free to drop by.

    Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
    (Sir Izaak Walton)
  8. I have a great fly fishing lake up by Hundred mile house. I'll send you a message. stop by Chokapa next week if you can. We'll be their on Tuesday through Sunday of next week. I wish I was going to B.C. This time of year is perfect, no bugs, little snow. Good Luck :THUMBSUP YT
  9. Super Acura! I love it. I think it will make the trip for ya. Good luck and please stop by. We are going to be having a swell time.
    MacRowdy :CLOWN

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