Lake Crescent Fishing Report

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    Like many, I drive past Lake Crescent on the way to the west end & think "Some day I NEED to fish Crescent". So when the OlyPen Fly Fishing club invited the Whidbey Club to join them Saturday at the lake, I jumped at the chance.

    A Big Thank you to any Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers for a great day and a terrific shore lunch!

    My trip was limited to a day trip from Whidbey, restricted by the first ferry to P.T. at 7:15 a.m.. We arrived at the lake around 9:30 am.

    Fellow Whidbey member, and one of the early NW fly fishermen, Gil Nyerges, carpooled with me. We fished from my 10' Smith boat. Whoa!, but it worked :) Gil's 50 years my senior and he's been fly fishing longer than I've been walking the earth, so what a learning experience for me. Stories of NW fly fishing and NW fly fishing Legends, from days gone past are just part of normal conversation for Gil.

    The members of the OlyPen club were very generous to help with Crescent 101. As was Doug Rose's fly fishing guide book.

    The wind was blowing hard on this day, see pic # 3, so our fishing was restricted to the protected cove near at the Storm King boat launch. West of the launch is a marl shoal and a creek, but we could not fish them safely, so we stuck in the confines of the cove.

    Our luck came on streamer patterns. I lost my 1 fish before even seeing it, on a Platte River Spider, and Gil's fish came to the net on his silver bodied streamer with white bucktail. A pretty little fish of about 14 inches.

    I talked to other members who fished earlier and longer than us. They caught more fish, and some did catch Beardslee trout.

    I look forward to a future trip with serious fishing and next time, it's a least an overnighter for me! Here is Gil landing a Cutthroat.
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  2. so cool!
  3. nice report. thanks.
  4. Crescent has been fishing well the last week. Fished from the shore last Saturday and landed 20 fish all above 12".
  5. Great report and photo's Jeff. Huge rollers !
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  6. Great report Jeff. Traveling and fishing with Gil is an amazing experience, he is truly a living legend. Glad you got to fish Crescent with the Oly Penn club, they put on a heck of a lunch spread don't they. The food alone is worth the trip. From that last pic I would think you were beach fishing!!
  7. That is a gorgeous lake! Like you I always drive past and think "I really need to get out there sometime." Maybe I'll have to camp there soon. Would you suggest Doug Rose's book as the best bet for learning up on it a bit?

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