Lake Fontal??

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  1. I am going to be fishing Lake Fontal this Sunday with a friend. Have any of you all fished this spot in recent years? Any feeback that could be offered, i.e. bugs, success rate, fish size, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm assuming that this is not some sort of secret spot, because I've seen it mentioned before on this page as well as some others. I always get a little nervous if I'm mentioning some place that's supposed to be on the downlow. I guess at one time you could drive right up to it, but now it requires about a 2.5 mile hike, which should be significant enough to limit the hick pressure . I plan on packing in my tube, fins, and an 18 pack of coors (empties to be packed out of course).


    Huskytrout :p
  2. Try doing a search. Seems like there were lots of threads on that lake last year.
  3. While the lake isn't a secret the combinations of roads to it are obscure. I am not going to tell anyone the details, you can do the research both online and with your feet, as I did.

    The lake is not stocked, the fish you might find will be naturally reproducing. The lake access point has suffered some abuse recently from the local Bubba's with their vehicles. Yes, you can/or could drive to it. I thought I was enjoying it by my lonesome one day this winter when a car appeared at the access while I was exiting the water. He told me how he got there but I would not dream of trying to repeat it (by the way he was a flyfisherman). The walk to it is part of its' pleasure and the ONLY thing that keeps it from being destroyed.

    FYI, another fisherman who frequents the lake says he has seen the gates opened during opening week and people bringing in boats, camping, partying, etc. Remember what weekend it is. I can only hope that this is a thing off the past.

    Lastly, there is no place to get out and pee from a float tube except at the launch site and that requires a slalom course back through the submerged logs. I'd think twice about the 18 pack. Have fun!
  4. From the research I've done so far- currently the access is gated several miles out from the lake, and I'm hoping this will be the case. I know its opening weekend, but I was under the impression that this lake is open year round, so I don't know how much that will factor in. I'll heed your advice with the 18 pack. Somebody needs to devolop a system for float tubers, similar to what B-2 pilots must use on long misions.

  5. I've been to Fontal twice. The first time, I lashed my deflated raft to the rear rack of my Mtn bike. That was no fun, as I got lost a couple of times just trying to find the lake. :beathead This means that all the maps I've ever seen and used suck rocks. :reallymad The second time, having found the lake, I was breaking in my virgin float tube. Packing less schtuff was much better! :thumb Still, a good recon is very helpful towards diminishing the pain factor of getting to Fontal. Both times I went, I hooked up on nice fish, though only one for each time and they both got off before I could land them. I think that's just as well, since the added baggage of fish on a bicycle seems more like a feminist joke than the end of a fishing trip.

    On the off chance of the gate being open on opening day, I'm sorely tempted to give it a try myself on Saturday. I'm supposed to drop off my woman with her siblings early that morning south of Everett. This might be a perfect way to kill time until I have to pick her up.
  6. "but now it requires about a 2.5 mile hike, which should be significant enough to limit the hick pressure . I plan on packing in my tube, fins, etc."

    Hey!.. .Be careful. I'm no hick.
  7. I started into Fontal last spring, but was stopped by several "no trespassing" signs. There wasn't anybody around, but I didn't keep going as I am uptight about pissing off private landholders. Have the signs been taken down, or are you all ignoring them? Just curious.

  8. I think you were approaching another lake near Fontal.
  9. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Correct. There is another lake up in there and it's called Hannon. They used to stock that lake and not Fontal. Fontal has a church camp on it. Also Hannon is the first lake that you come to and it used to have a fairly good launch area. But I have not been in there in quite a long time.

  10. You are have forgotten it all. Both facts and spelling incorrect. By the way Fontal is a cheese,kind of like gruyere, very good for melting.
  11. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Whats your problem. Everthing that is written there is spelled correctly. I don't need any smart ass answers to info being put out for other people to see.:reallymad

  12. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, USGS says Hannan, and it has the church camp. To bad its private because it is a sweet looking lake for flyfishing and my quess is it receives zip pressure except for the Pope's kids droppin worms at the "waterfront activites center". There is a, curiously, well worn trail between it and the F lake so I suspect someone likes to head over there and wet the tip during the winter.
    If you care to join me one of these weekends I have another lake scouted out I want to try, will involve 1/2 mile roadwalk and 1/2 mile game trail, and there is no dispute as to it's spelling. Cheers!
  13. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Well I'm not one to throw stones. So I spelled Hannan wrong. I think every one knew what I meant. I didn't know that we had a word policeman on this site. As for the church camp it is on Fontal not Hannan. It was that way 25 years ago and it is still on Fontal. And the french dip cheese is fondue. 25 years ago they were both open for fishing and you could drive to them. But because people kept trashing them up went the gates.

    Why is it when someone new gets on this site they have absolutly nothing in their profile. Is it that you feel you don't neeed any advice because you know it all.

  14. jim, I won't argue with you.

    Notice to all members; Lake Fontal is now privately owned by a church group. Do not try to fish this lake, you will be trespassing. However, just a 1/2 mile to the south is Lake Hannan. This lake is open to public fishing. Park at the gate on Lake Fontal Rd, walk straight west 1/2 mile to the intersection, go thru the intersection and up the hill. Don't pay any attention to any sign except the one directing you to the water front activites center. Launch your float tubes at the swimming beach and proceed to enjoy your fishing experience! Its just like Cady Lake, responsible fisherman will leave a few bucks in the collection plate.

    Jim, I am an old guy like you. White male, 53, approx. 5'11" medium build, grey hair, glasses, may be unshaven, no priors, frequent visitor to flyshops and brew pubs, known to associate with a beautiful woman, a black dog, & 2 juvenile males. Suspect enjoys prowling backcountry on foot. Suspect is armed with a 5wt and may threaten fish with it.:thumb
  15. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    No Message

  16. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I wasn't looking for one either. It's just that you used to be able to drive to the first lake,Lake Hannan. And as far as I know that Lake Fontal has always had one camp or another there. As for ages I'm 68 and BobL is what ever he wants to be. We may be the oldest here.

    I too have the company of a lovely woman,two grandkids,no dog(long story).Also visit fly shops and I don't usually drink unless I'm alone or with somebody. And in the summer time I also carry a 5wt. And I have plently of places to get to in the summer. After all I've been playing in these woods since 1958.

  17. I wish I gave Fontal a shot today, but other obligations took me to Lone Lake. C&R'ed a 16 incher. That alone made the day a good one. What a fighter! My reel drag was at 50%, and line was still running! I couldn't ask for more. Anyone there today (4/26)?
  18. I've heard daphnia can slow the fishing in these lakes and only one man alive has the solution...

    Actually, I fished for the last time with a treble spinner as a kid at Hannan when I caught and killed a brookie trying to get it off - the scene went from idyllic to ugly in no time flat.

    I doubt I shall ever return. If I do, and get lost, though, I'll just listen for the sound of old dudes arguing about which lake is which.

    You'll know it's me by the sound of my cracklin' left knee.

  19. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Well if my memory serves me right. But,BUT I could be wrong. The last time I was there and it's been quite a few years ago I remember driving up there on an opening day, the road in was a sea of mud. We fished the first lake(Hannan) and you couldnt get on the other lake(Fontal) because the launch was on private property. And from what I remember was that there was no camp on the first lake. So I will say no more on this subject. Wild horses couldn't pull it out of me.

  20. The thing about the camp at Hannan is that it is relatively new. Also, the roads to both lakes have been changed. No available map reflects these developments, and even DeLorme's is wrong. Fontal is on "private" property, as the land belongs to a timber company. Still, there is no problem with going there, except for the distance. Hannan, as mentioned before, is surrounded by Camp Hamilton, thus making the issue of trespassing more complicated. I suppose one could ask permission, but I'd rather "trespass" where I wouldn't be offending people in the flesh. Onto Fontal!

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