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  1. Was considering hiking to this alpine lake this summer with the wife. Has anyone hiked before and does it hold fish? From descriptions it sounds like a beautiful area. Thanks!
  2. The central cascades fishing guide claims it is stocked, but that is probably not true anymore. Sounds worth it even if there are no fish!
  3. Hiking to an alpine lake...just the thought of it gets my mind racing. As soon as i put all the snowboarding/ski gear away, i cant wait for that stuff to melt so i can get into those high mnt lakes.
  4. It is definitely a beautiful area. No camping at the lake but you can camp at Headlight Basin. I didn't even take a rod on my trip up there so, I can't comment on the fishing.
  5. Go to trailblazers homepage and ask them. They would know best
  6. Sep 05, 2011

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    Type of Outing
    Multi-night backpack
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    Hike: Lake Ingalls
    Region: Snoqualmie Pass -- Salmon La Sac/Teanaway
    Agency: Cle Elum Ranger District (509) 852-1100
    Trails: Ingalls Way (#1390)
    Avg Rating: 3.98
    Why You Should Go Now
    Wildflowers blooming
    Be Aware Of
    Lake Ingalls
    So after reading about and seeing pictures of Lake Ingalls, few of us decided to go up there and enjoy the views in person. I left up myself for the first night leaving from the trailhead at 4:30pm. The hike up to the Ingalls pass seemed pretty long and a lot of climbing to get to the top. Once you get to the top of the pass its only about 45 minutes to the lake. On the way I ran across more then a dozen mountain goats all over including right on the trail. They seem to not mind me on the trail and continued on their way with no issues. The last 0.2 is really steep and a scramble straight up to the top. Once at the top, I had arrived at the lake as the sun was setting quickly. Almost everyone camps little more then a mile before the lake down in the basin, but figured thats to far away to be from the lake. The map at the pass shows camping sites just passed the lake and about 100 yards passed the lake there are a few camp site location on a rocky cliff you can camp. The 2nd day the rest of the hikers arrived and set up camp. Explored the rocky terrain and jumped in the lake which is very cold but refreshing. A lot of amazing views and things to do. Sadly my camera battery finally died on the 3rd day as we decided to scramble up to as far as we can go on Ingalls Peak which gave us the most amazing views of the hike. Dont know how else to describe it, but I would go back to Lake Ingalls just to scramble back to the top for a picture.
    Bugs are really bad up there so be prepared. No campfires are allowed past Ingalls pass (which is all campsites) and also above 5,000 feet. A lot of fish in the lake, so bring your fishing pole. You have to add this hike to your list of hikes to do and make sure its overnight. Not enough time to do and explore everything if you can only make it a day hike. Enjoy!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Camping here leaves you very close to the lake, and includes great views of sunrise, sunset and a nice water fall in the backround [​IMG]
  7. Beautiful popular hike. Was there two years ago and saw a hatch come off and lots of rising fish. Didn't take a rod as I was there for the larch show in October. Good luck!

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