Lake Lenore - 242 Seriously?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Andrew Lawrence, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. This is really sad. No wonder the fishing has been reported to be slow.

    I can all but guarantee that this wasn't their first time. I'd be willing to guess that this has happened several times, before it was "leaked out" by one of their friends. :mad:
  2. It's great news that they caught them but sad that it happens.
    What I want to know is what the heck they were going to do with that many fish. Freeze them for later, sell them, is there a black market for Lahontans???
  3. Saw this last night...really upsetting. I have fished this lake since every spring since I was 16, always knew that if you stuck at it, you would get into nice fish.

    The last few years the lake has really been on the decline....makes sense now.

  4. I noticed that they didn't give the nationality of the offenders. It's probably "politically incorrect" to do so any more.

    There are a few ethnic groups that have large, large family groups that live in 'communities', if you will, and fish like that can feed a lot of their extended family. Heck, I use to give away my Squaw fish to a couple of families hanging out down by where I was fishing years ago.
  5. I suspect you are on the right trail here, sadly... That's not a cheap truck they (were!) driving; they could afford food but chose to steal from all of us. That these pukes were caught thrills me to no end. I only wish that one moron drowned.
  6. Vitaliy Kachinskiy, 23, of Mount Vernon and three Everett men: Sergey Otroda, 32, Igor Bigun, 26 and Oleg Pavlus, 25.​
    He also quotes the local enforcement chief:
    “We have members of two ethnic groups involved with an annual thing of illegal netting that’s causing great concern for our fish program,” said WDFW Capt. Chris Anderson in Ephrata. “One group has been caught targeting mostly whitefish at Banks Lake and this group was targeting the big spawning cutthroats at Lenore. The 242 fish were just one night’s catch. We’re not sure how many nights or weeks worth of fish they’ve taken out of the lake.”
    And Landers notes:
    This is a huge bummer for fishermen. Not only do we deal with environmental issues that plague fish, but also with human pond scum that will do this to a fishery that means so much to anglers and the local economy.
  7. Everett and Mt Vernon, that's a long way to travel to poach.
  8. Damm coasties!!

    On the serious side these guys are "old" enough that they were probably raised and "uneducated" in this country. Somewhere they most have missed the conservation education classes in school. Do schools even teach conservation these days or it just environmental stuff??

    I noticed when I was growing up that the longer my parents lived in this country, the harder they tried to hang onto things from their past. I know my parents had a thing about smoked whitefish, but they just bought it in an market!!

    When I was in the Russian Far East a decade ago, the rivers and streams were stripped of fish. In that situation, it was just a case of basic survival. That's not the case here.

    It would be interesting to see what these guys had to say about the poaching. What motivated them?? Were they selling the fish?? Smoked or fresh??

    Somebody should make contact with their churches and other social groups and discuss conservation and American "rules and values". I have never been a believer in "cultural diversity" for this reason. There's a reason I live here and have not moved to a third world country.

    Lots of minorities are fishing for food or remembering cultural practices from their past. In this case, for Russians carp is a food fish. I am surprised that the Department does not encourage them to focus on carp. Now there is a win-win situation for all concerned. That's the short-term solution.

    At some point, these folks need to become Americans. That is the long-term solution.
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  9. I'll tell you why they haven't come up with that idea Vladimir, because it makes sense! :D
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  10. Hard to estimate the economic impact of this. Not just the loss of fish, but the loss of tourism as well. I basically stopped fishing Lenore about 5 years ago other than the occasional trip every other year or so to see if it was recovering. Not sure if this is the reason for the decline, but it has not fished well for about 5-6 years now. I suspect this has been going on for a long time, there were always rumors, but the pictures here are pretty graphic. In fact, I came onto the website today to look for fishing reports because I plan on heading up that direction tomorrow. I was considering spending at least a couple of hours at Lenore to see if anything was happening. I doubt I'll bother now.

    I'm not really a person who complains about ethnic groups, but given the names of all the people mentioned in the article it is clear that this group, or network, or whatever it is, likely has a common ethnic thread. If they are not citizens, I hope they throw them out. I cannot come up with a just punishment for this one. The actual harm to any particular individual, or the cost value of what they got caught with simply does not equate to the enormity of the crime. The impact of this type of crime is far reaching and impossible to really calculate. I hope they find that they were selling them down in Oregon and turn this into a Federal case of some kind. I'm not sure what the max penalty is for what they were charged with, but I think that there should be special legislation to cover extraordinary cases like this where there is such a wanton disregard for society and its laws. This isn't somebody who just can't release fish and kept 10 of them. This is a willful, premeditated, clandestine operation with enormous environmental impact. Whatever the punishment, it needs to be severe enough to serve as a strong deterrent against other would-be criminals. Who cares if you take their license away, I doubt that would have the slightest impact on them. They didn't buy a license to go do this.

    I'd be curious if the WDFW people have noticed a decrease in the number of spawners over the last few years.
  11. The other unfortunate thing about this is the potential harm they are causing their own community. I doubt they are all dirty, but I'm sure anybody in Grant County with a Slavik-sounding last name is going to be viewed through a clouded lens by anybody who has read about this case.
  12. one would think that when you are new to the U.S. you would respect our laws, this was pretty blaytant, poaching of any kind bugs me to no end, be it deer, trees, mushrooms, oysters, part of these guys' fine should be to financially reimburse the DFW
  13. Fish and Game does not have enough enforcement officers to catch all the bad guys! They do the best they can... and they need help!
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  14. It was the talk of the town in Soap Lake this week !!! What's funny is the one dumb shit was walking thru the park in Soap Lake at 5 in the morning in camo ans in socks !!! 10 friggin miles in socks and camo I wish I would have been there !!!

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