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  1. Going camping July 11th in this area. I see there's a few options around the lake but has anybody ever fished around there?
  2. The McCloud River. I went in May of last year and caught over 10 decent sized trout, my brother even caught a brown. The upper Sac is good. Golden Stones will be hatching on the McCloud, as well as Caddis and PMD mayflies. If you want a guide, contact They're the best fly shop in NorCal, located in Redding, CA. If you want to catch native trout, such as the McCloud Redband Trout, just fish above the Upper Falls on the McCloud River. There's info on places to catch the McCloud Redband online. Here's a native range map for the trout. Lake Siskiyou also has good Smallmouth Fishing, using streamers on sinking tip line. image.jpg
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  3. I have yet to fish the McCloud or the Upper Sacramento, but the Lower Sacramento (below Redding) is awesome. Might be too high to safely wade at that point though. I can also say that the Pit river is really kick ass. It is a bit of a drive from Lake Siskiyou though, and the wading is really brutal. It's a scary river to wade.
  4. When wading the Pit, make sure of every step you take. I plan on heading to the Pit on March 1st, land hopefully the water will be low. It should be because California's in a drought, and there is no snow or rain. Hopefully the jet stream that's hammering Alaska with rain will change and drench California. And like Travis said, the Lower Sacramento River is awesome, I live 15 minutes away from it. And P.S, Siskiyou Smallmouth Bass like Crayfish.

  5. Do the Pit's flows vary that much? I think at Pit 3 the baseline release is now 280cfs with the new water contract or whatever it is. I know it swells up when it rains. I was there last August when the flow was (I assume) 280cfs. Jesus it was hard wading. I fell once trying to pluck my stupid dog out of the water. If the river at Pit 3 was ever higher than that it would be downright dangerous to wade.

    But lordy is that canyon beautiful. That is the kind of place I could go to and not even care if i caught a fish just because of the scenery.
  6. They don't regulate too much unless a rain. It has tailwater flows since there are many dams. Pocketwater fishing at it's best.
  7. The Pit is one I definitely want to do sometime.
  8. I'm looking for some easy wading in that area. Have fished lower sac before but I dont think I'll have access to a boat. Is upper sac fairly wadeable?
  9. Google Shasta Trout, Tom is a local and fishes Lake Sisk regularly. He'll share info and more. great guy. It has smallies as well. You are close to the Upper Sac, can be very good, pending flows which should be ok that time of year considering our lack of snow. Tom'll give you tips on that as well. Nice area.
  10. The Lower Sac is currently very low, and very wadeable, in fact I'm gonna wade the Sac tommorow.
  11. I would second contacting Shasta Trout, Craig Neilsen the owner, is putting on a series of presentations on fishing local waters for the Shasta Trinity FF club and the past two presentations have been on the Upper Sac and the McCloud. During both presentations Craig stated contact him with questions as he is willing to share information. He did include the caveat to ask what you want to know as he has been criticized for giving to much info and taking away the discovery.
  12. My bad, it is Craig. Confusing him and the Trout Underground Blogmeister. Very good people.
  13. Yes, and it will be until what little snow we have starts to melt and ag release starts. However, as a tailwater, it's an entirely different animal from the river above Shasta lake.

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