Lake Stevens skunk report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by ken2cross, May 10, 2013.

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    I just spent the morning fishing Lake Stevens. Granted we were on the water a bit late (7:30ish) but tried a nymph for a while, nada. Switched to Kokenee gear (our intended quarry today) and the surface immediately started showing some fish feeding just below the surface. I could only guess what they were eating. I couldn't see anything hatching. Too late, I had to pick up my buddy at the dock. Once underway again all the surface activity was gone.

    5 hours and one nibble on kokanee gear. 1 broken reel, 2 sets of lost terminal gear. Still a beautiful day on the water and the crazy skiers weren't there yet. I guess I need to just stick with flies.
  2. You were gear fishing for the kokenee?
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    Like I said, back to flies. I don't think you can catch kokanee on flies.
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    Catching them "on flies" is pretty easy. Catching them while "fly fishing" is probably more difficult.
    Trolled behind a dodger they can be as good as anything else. I recently tied a bunch for an upcoming kokanee trip.
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    Just spent a few days trolling flies behind dodgers. A few flies were retired to hat duty because they were so torn up.

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    I catch Kokes on flies when fishing for rainbows at Wallowa lake. One fish i will not return to the H2O. Usually get then deep on a type 6 line. I'm going to try to catch some today at another local lake.
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