Lamiglas "honey" #3 FL843-6 backpacking rod

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  1. P1010137.JPG Rod has been sold, information left up for the general benefit of the group. The title should tell you most of what you'd need to know, but here's a bit more:

    Seven foot, six piece, 3 weight honey colored e-glass (I think that's what they called this series),
    Reversed half-wells grip, dark impregnated wood seat with gunsmoke rings and winding check,
    Wrapped in red with black accents, single foot guides, ceramic single-foot stripper guide, spigot ferrules. Length of sections, approximately 15-1/2", cased length 17".

    I built this about six years ago, fished it several times in the hills and on some local lakes, but simply have too many rods getting too little use.

    I also modified a 16" butt section of an older bamboo rod including reel seat and handle by turning down the spigot to match up with the 2nd rod section, creating a 5' 8" "crick" rod with a noticeably faster action ( and the bamboo color tone is a great match to the blank sections), and this butt section is included in the package, alsong with a sock and home made tubular case.

    Those who are familiar with this series of rods know that they are discontinued, rarer by the year, but durable and a lot of fun to cast in a relaxed style.

    I believe $200 plus a bit of shipping to be a fair price. If you agree, jump in, I only have one of these.

    I'm an "old fart", and not schooled at selling on such a forum as this, but you'll find me honorable to the extreme.
  2. Greg, sent you a PM on this rod
  3. Is this rod still available or sold?
  4. Good question, Yak. I received a message while out of town over Easter weekend, and I believe a deal is pending. I will post here in a few days or less one way or the other. Thanks for the interest.
  5. Payment has been sent

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