Lamiglass pulling support for Native Fish Society

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Flyborg, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. In a thread on another popular PNW angling forum, Lamiglas announced that it had received several contentious letters and heard major outcry in general after they donated a rod to the Native Fish Society raffle. They went on to assure their consumer base that the gift of the rod was accidental and that they do not support the Native Fish Society.

    The thread goes on to include a litany of anti-NFS rants. What disconcerted me more was the amount of anti-fly-fishermen hate getting lumped in with these rants. Apparently, the NFS is populated entirely by elitist fly anglers who want all fly only rivers and want to destroy all fishing. The tirades further include such illuminating language as calling the NFS "evil", which obviously means fuck all.

    I for one am for a mixed management approach when it comes to our fisheries. I suspect that most of us are. So I was surprised to see Lamiglas give in to the divisionary bullshit and let the fearmongers rule their decisions. Further allowing a crowd of anti-fly anglers to magically align us with their villified invented version of the Native Fish Society isn't going to help their fly rod sales.

    I guess I'm just disappointed in general. None of this polarizing rhetoric and hate fixes the conservation issues we face. And while we see some anti-gear sentiments here on WaFF, it doesn't even come close to the vitriolic stupidity I've seen there. Which makes it that much harder to remember that not all gear guys are complete fucking retards. And if anyone calls me a "fly flosser" snarkily on the river, I'm going to punch them in the fucking dick with a ten weight.
  2. FML....people, good lord. NFS does great work
  3. That's a shame. I am generally a big fan of Lamiglass.

    It's a bigger shame that our terrible fisheries management has brought us to such a low point. It constantly amazes me that sport fishermen divide their power by fighting amongst ourselves. You don't see sporting clay shooters and speed steel shooters calling names and undercutting each others support for gun rights.
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  4. Saw this on facebook. Its a complicated issue but they were specifically concerned that the NFS was going to get the sandy river in Oregon shut down if they got the ODFW to stop planting hatchery steelhead. I use lamiglass rods exclusively when gear fishing and will continue to do so. I think this eliminate hatchery fish bullshit is DFW trying to save money more than restore native fish. If that was truly there objective non selective commercial fishing would not exist. Personally I like to catch fish and until they do something about habitat and commercial fishing I say bring on the hatchery brats to supplement the loss of native fish that DFW allowed.
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  5. I fish Lamiglass gear rods for steelhead salmon pike. I also support NFS.

    However it is easy for me to understand the Disdain gear fisherman have for fly fisherman here in the NW. I have lost count the number of times they are referred to on here as mouth breeders, white trash....

    Seems that half of the fly fisherman you run into on rivers and lakes and just say hi to or ask how's it going is often met with silence here in the NW. Rarely ran into that attitude fly fishing in Midwest or east coast. All the gear guys are usually friendly and many want to offer tips.
    Maybe work on changing the attitudes on here first.
  6. don't fish lamiglas but at least now i have a reason
  7. Well it is easy to see who will stick to their beliefs and who don't have any real convictions. Let Lamiglas blow with the winds, when people tell you who they are, be sure to listen!!
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  8. YES!!! Our "Co-managers" should have a daunting task in order to set things up to favor commercial interests time and time again, despite our immensely larger contributions to the state's economy, but our divisive, vitriolic opinions make it all too easy. If all of us could join one organization and make our platform "We want more fish to catch or we will stop buying licenses and spending our money to go fishing," things would be peachy keen in a hurry. However, we're collectively too damned stupid and self-righteous to find our common ground and stand on it, so the status quo rules the day.

    More folks need to realize that all of us want the same thing in the end, no matter how we choose to fish, etc. For Christ's sake, people, sport fishing is sport fishing!!!
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  9. Well, hope you all enjoy catching pellet fed franken trout and steelhead on your sage, Scott, orvis, loomis ....rods in the future.
  10. That's pretty weak, Lamiglass. I was thinking about buying one as my next rod, but I'll pass.

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