Lamson Velocity - broken outgoing clicker?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by greenomics, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. I have an older Lamson Velocity 3.5 that has some use but has been in the closet for a couple years. I pulled it out recently to find that the outgoing clicker does not engage for about half of the spool's rotation. The drag still appears tight and functional. Does this sound just like a damaged clicker or something more?
  2. My Lamson Velocity clicker was just a little part that went AWOL, unreated to the drag. Literally a small part designed only to make noise.

    I e-mailed them and they sent me a new one. I'm not sure how it would work 1/2 the time, but shoot them a note or give them a call and I would guess they can help you out.
  3. Does it feel more alive? Now that it is out of the closet?
  4. If it only works half the time, some of the teeth on the drag cap might be worn down and/or damaged. The clicker is a piece of plastic mounted to the spool that drags over the teeth of the cap to make noise, so it sounds like it's not making contact with all of them.
  5. Might just need a good cleaning and grease. Sometimes clickers get sticky from dust and grit collecting around the pivot pin and don't always engage properly.
  6. pacific fly fishers has a whole bag of those little black clickers. Callem
  7. Sent an email out to Lamson. Got a response within minutes.Hopefully it's a cheap/easy fix and not a bent spool or something.

    Was not expecting that sort of prompt turnaround after my experiences dealing with Scott and Hardy.
  8. Oh! there's an idea; file down particular teeth on the drag cap so that it plays your favorite song when you hook into a big fish!
  9. Speaking of the velocity I tink Lamson stopped making this line.
  10. My experience with Lamson's customer service was not too good. A problem with the drag brand new out of the box... Anyway, 3 or 4 phone calls later I finally got a tech willing to tell me (over the phone) how to fix it myownself... maybe they will send you a part OR you could call Mr. Archuleta (in Southern Oregon, now)
  11. The name remains, but it's a completely different reel. I have had excellent customer service with Lamson over the phone and with sending reels in for free upgrades.
  12. Have you tried tightening the hex-head screw that holds the clicker in place? This happens on my old Velocities from time to time and when I tighten down that screw it solves the problem.

  13. When I go to home page and click on products the velocity is not listed. It is only listed under discontinued products.
  14. Porter, You are correct, I just googled Velocity's and that page came up. They made so many different versions of V's and most weren't interchangeable. I'm not sure which model is basically the same, just check which one sells for around $225.00 !! I still have a Velocity 2.0 [open-back version] going on 7 years or so and once I had to send it in for a new charge. Still a good reel except for a lot of well earned 'dings'.
  15. Problem was a small bend in the rim of the spool. Just sent it in for repair. My experience with their warranty repair customer service thus far has been very good.
  16. must be new peeps at the place... good news!

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