Landslide Diverts the Nooksack River

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  1. I've been watching that house for years wondering when it was going to go.
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  2. Yeah, we almost should have placed bets on when it would fall as a NSEA fundraiser or something.
  3. Yeah...stupid. I spent a bunch of time working to get something done about that house, i.e - removed, burned or something before it and the shed fell in the river. It appears that the land/homeowners threw the keys in the front door and moved to Colorado.'ll just fall in the river, no big deal.

    What you can't see is the exposed septic drain lines sticking out of the clay bank. Nobody gave a shit including the Whatcom County Council, Department of Ecology, U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife or NMFS. "Well, there's just not much we can do". Last year I did meet a DOE employee who was appalled that there was no follow up by DOE. A little late now. It still absolutely pisses me off.

    What the article doesn't mention is there is another house on the hill that will likely go's not far. Ridiculous.

    Here's what it looked like in 2008. Man, my blood pressure is up...I gotta go have a beer. Damnit!
    Ed ClayBanksHouse1.jpg
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  4. Not the first time for this. I'm pretty loose on the time frame save for the early 1980's and the 'S' rivers were all in full fluid. (Bad pun intended) Several river side home were taken out just like the above.
  5. this was crazy: [​IMG]
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  6. How weird would it have been to just be down stream watching the river suddenly disappear/reappear?
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  7. What is/was the address for this house?
  8. It finally happened! Hahahaha
  9. It was off the east end of Smith road.
  10. East Smith Road turns into Eagle Flyway. It is an Eagle Flyway address but I don't know the actually street address anymore.
  11. I think the address is:

    911 Nooksack River
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  12. My face when this comes up on google maps as the frog pond.

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  13. +1 for TPB/Bubbles reference
  14. Don't mean to nit-pick, but that porch does not look to be per code.
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  15. I wish someone would have let me know that no one was living there or had any interest. I could have squatted. Free riverfront, and apparently the septic was in!

    Hope the beer brought your blood pressure down Ed!
  16. The beach collapse appears to be a very long term erosion event by the above. Nothing unusual going on in that graph .... save for the one spike. That is a new one on me.

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