Lead in the river

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  1. Noticed this posted on Speypages...........truly hard to believe.

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  2. Wow. I can't imagine how much lead is in the Skagit River.
  3. That is disgusting.... and makes me proud that I don't fish gear and contribute to that. The riverbottoms around here without restrictions probably look the same.
  4. If you use a lead anchor for your drift boat, you're part of the problem too.
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  5. I've often wondered about that, having lost my share of lead in the Sound over the years. Particularly since, it's my understanding, lead shot has been banned in many places because water-fowl ingest it and it kills them. I wonder how many tons of lead are leeching away in the water off all those fishing piers around the Sound and in our lakes and other rivers.

    At work, we attend annual classes on lead awareness and the dangers of handling/ingesting it, how it's been banned from paints and whatnot since the '70s or so....

    A guy at work told me he was fishing at the Edmonds pier the other day, and a scuba diver was selling buzz-bombs he had retrieved off the bottom for like $2 each; he had a bucketful. If you think about the scope of this ...all the jigs, weights, downriggers, etc that must litter the seabed every day, every year, ...jeez.
  6. No doubt lead isn't good for our rivers, but I can't see dredging the stream bed for gold being great for them either.
  7. I lost one on the Missouri off my pontoon boat. Not a good anchor system. Also had to walk 1/2 mile up river to find another when a buddies anchor lock malfunctioned. So does happen.
  8. There is still lead in some nymphs and streamers.
  9. Not in a single one of my flies, that I can 100 percent guarantee.
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  10. You get lead out of the ground. It does not get made out of the air. The lead from fishing weights is just going back to where it came from. It's just in concentrated form.
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  11. Too old to care or never cared to begin with?
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  12. You can squawk about lead until you are blue in the face. Lead is used in one hell of a lot of things. Not just fishing weights. It used to be in paint but it's out now, in America that is. It's used in auto batteries. How many different type batteries are out there. Do they still use it in Gasoline?

    I used to gear fish and I also lost lots of lead. Until they ban it entirely, you will have that stuff around.

    They are only talking about one river. How many rivers dump into Salt water. How many lakes have lead weights on the bottom. They are talking about the tip of a pin.
  13. It's not just losing anchors (even though it's worse but typically lost anchors become found by someone else!) it's every time a lead anchor is dropped in the water- how many 35 pound lead anchors are now 27 pounds after a season or two? Where does that lead go..up the food chain.

  14. The pyramid anchors that now look almost like a ball
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  15. Derek
    You have a lot of experience
    What's another way?
  16. Yup, we better ban fishing and everybody dredge for gold...:rolleyes:...and lead.
  17. Chain anchor, or there are other options for lead-encased or steel anchors - lead is just a bad choice. But, it's cheap and "everyone does it" are the common excuses.

  18. Can someone tell me what damage a 5 oz. chunk of lead causes in a river?
  19. I have friends that have used pyramid anchors for years and they weigh now what they did when they were purchased. I am not buying it. I have a 10 pound anchor that I use on my pontoon boat that was purchased 12 years ago and has been dropped in rivers and lakes hundreds of times if not a few thousand. I just weighed it and it weighs 10.5 pounds. Now I am not sure it weighed 10.5 when I bought it but it was sold as a 10 pound anchor.

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