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  1. Not a bad trip actually. Welcome to Washington Steelhead fishing.

    Probably weren't holding your mouth right...:)
  2. Probably a number of reasons. Nymphing is more likely to but the fly right in the fishes face where it requires less movement for the fish to grab it. Personally, the kind of water I nymph is small little patches where if a fish is there it's damn sure gonna see the offering and probably up close and more than once. Make a couple runs through the slot and move on to the next one where I can show some new fish my fly. On the swing, the water is bigger and the fish might get 2 good looks at the offering and it could take a lot longer to cover that water.
  3. FJH,

    Elaborating on Underachiever's post, the reason for nymphing's greater effectiveness (IMO) is twofold. First, there are two types of steelhead, players and non-players. What's a player you ask? A player is an active steelhead that is ready and willing to move to the first properly presented bait, lure, or fly that it sees, including a swung fly. A player will hit either a swung or nymphed fly. Second, swinging and nymphing are completely different types of presentations, and both are proper. However, the swing is proper only for players, whereas the nymph is proper for both players and non-players. A non-player, for whatever reason (it could be environmental, or it could be personal to that fish) isn't going to move either for any or for most baits, lures, flies. A nymph that is weighted and fished as neutral buoyancy is the most natural of all possible presentations, and therefore the most irresistable. And if it also happens to drift in the face of a non-player, it will eat it anyway. Therefore skilled nymphing (and equivalent drift fishing, free drifting) is more effective than any other presentation in that it can get steelhead that have no intention of grabbing a bait, lure, or fly to do so anyway. It since hooking non-players is so uncouth with regard to the traditions of steelheading, which descend from the traditions of Atlantic salmon fishing, it is relegated to the low position in angling's social hierarchy. There's a bit more to it, but that should do for now.


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  8. Simply put, whichever method you become most proficient at and use most is the one that you will be most effective with (or, in other words, catch the most fish with). Learn how to read water and apply the gear that you are using to the water that you are fishing. As you become more intimate with your chosen river, you will learn where the fish are and how they move through the system. Anyhow, that is my 2 cents.

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  10. Don't listen to him Steve

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