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  1. Up until now, I've been tying my own leaders from an Umpqua leader kit that I've had for dozen years lol. Has worked great, only now I'm out of butt material and I'm wondering what you'd recommend. I've read good things about Maxima. Is there a significant difference between Ultragreen, Clear, Chameleon in the butt section? Another brand that's better?

    I bought some Rio recently in .020 and tied it in. First cast...it looked like the leader hit a brick wall--literally. Fell straight down in a heap. Then I look in my pocket and realize what I actually bought was ultra stiff saltwater mono--DOH. So...I guess I'm looking for something strong enough to turn over nymph rigs but will actually bend too lol.

  2. What is the advantage you have in tying your own leaders? Is there that much of a cost advantage or an advantage in how it performs over a tapered leader? And what about getting stuff snagged on the knots or is there a way to makes the knots smooth so things slide off?
  3. I use Maxima on all of mine down to a final 3X section. Then I blood knot another 6" of 3x from my tippet material and add 4x and down as appropriate. The final blood knot gives me a reference for when my leader goes fubar.

    I really like the maxima for for the butt on down to 3X. Give it a try and see what you think. Cabelas sold a Maxima "leader kit" but not sure if they still have it.
  4. I use Maxima chameleon on my butt sections down to 2X. I use ultra green for 3X - 6X. I like the way it lays out.
  5. I've used a number of different brands over the years and find it is better to stick with the same brand on the leader until you get down to the tippet piece or pieces. I haven't found that stiff performs any better than the limper brands as long as the taper is right. To explain to Randru....there is not a commercial leader that will handle both wet and dry flies. The taper for weighted nymphs is different than for bass bugs or tricos......

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