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  1. Hello All,

    I have a wedding in Leavenworth coming up, Aug 31, 2013 (not my wedding). Is there any chance to swing for fish nearby there that time of year? I am searching and searching, and finding little info.

    What I know:
    1. Wenatchee only open with special regs (closed currently and looks like later in fall and winter when it has been open, if at all)
    2. Icicle sounds good for little guys, and is open (except hatchery to mouth and above Leland Creek, which I don't know location, but somewhere further away than where I'd try to fish), are there steelies in there at that time?
    3. Lakes around also sound ok.
    4. I want to swing.

    What are my chances? 0%? 50%?
    Thanks for the help.
  2. 0% unless it is open for chinook salmon fishing. Then you could swing for them, with the prospect of hooking a non-existent steelhead.

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  3. Thanks Sg,

    Turd man, leaving time machine at home, but good to know timeframe of when they would open. If not open now, not likely I guess, but I'll check special regs before hand. Thanks
  4. I fished the Icicle three weeks ago, landed a 8" Rainbow just above the beginning of the gravel road. No Steelhead though.
  5. Drive up icicle creek rd and find a spot that you can access. The fish are aggressive with the right presentation. I remember a few years ago fishing it with a novice spinning gear friend. I look over at him struggling a bit and he yells "Guys! Help!" we come over and he pulls up about a 25" rainbow. Of course that was the only fish all day but still a nice trout in any system.
  6. Cole, I bet that was a steelhead as resident fish in that system don't generally gain that size. Im not saying its not possible but just highly unlikely that it was a resident fish.
  7. It was a cool little stream for sure, fished for about 2 hrs, and caught a handful of little guys. Lots of fun and really pretty area. I fished midday, because that's when I had the time, and just used a little elk hair caddis. It was cool to find the fish just rushing out from the shadows to hammer the fly. Took a little time to learn to set the hook, because being too aggressive brought them right out of the water. Biggest fish was probably 7 or 8". Great time, little fish, pretty area. Bad picture, but wanted to try to get some evidence.

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