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  1. Has anyone been up to leech lake lately? Or any mountain lakes? Looks like all the ice and snow is gone. I will probably heading up there in a week or two. Just bought a 4wt 8ft 4pc with case and a 2nd reel for intermediate line on it So I'm excited and ready! Just wanted to hear how you guys have been doing.
  2. Spencer if you head up there let me know how you do. This time last year was very slow. Still a bit frosty up there.

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  3. As soon as I found out around when they are opening it I will let you know. I don't think the hazard trees have been cleared out of there yet. I will try to have an estimated opening date for ya in the next couple of days
  4. Also, while the stocking report indicates that the plan is to stock 725 triploids into Leech in May, this appears to have not occurred yet (still a week to go....). Neither Leech (nor Dog, often stocked in the same trip) have received any fish since January.

  5. In prior years they haven't opened the gate until the last week in June or for the 4th of July holiday. Maybe a correlation between the amount of work clearing dead falls and debris is out of whack with the number of campsites available. Seems it's always one of the last to be opened, but I look forward to it each year..patiently.

  6. Hello Top...
    I fished Leech (or as the sign says "Leach") on Sunday from the float tube. The gate is closed as well as blocked by three Jersey barriers. The FS website infers it will be open June 21st, maybe. There were three pontoon fly fishers at the west end. There were swarms of adult midges and now and then there was some surface activity close to shore on the north side. Tried chrono' fishing there under an indicator and got a lot of half-hearted interest form the brookies that were about the usual 8". Caught one nice rainbow out in the middle of the lake casting a leech pattern blind, about 16-17". Water temp was 47F. Hope this helps
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  7. Okay thanks a lot guys! I think I will be heading up there in a maybe a week or two. Will be sure to give you the fishing report as soon as I come back!
  8. Does anyone know what the camping areas are like at Leech Lake? I have a 21 ft trailer I want to use and spend a few days chasing triploids later this summer.

  9. According to the Forest Service sight, there is a 20' maximum size. Now there are a couple coveted spots that are not part of the camping area that I have seen people with bigger units camped. These are just as you enter off the hiway but beyond the gate on the left side.

  10. How did you hike in to the lake did you park at the lodge and walk down the steep rock hill?
  11. I've had my 25 ft TT with rear slide in there several times. The road bend on the west end is a bit tight, but it's doable. The easiest option are the two undeveloped sites as you enter from the road, prior to the main parking area.
  12. Good luck trying to get in to the spot Tony mentioned. Someone's always there before you get there it seems, so don't go counting on a camping spot with a rig that size. You may just wind up 'camping' in the parking lot.
    You may already know this, but go well prepared - there's no water up there. It's a fairly basic camp ground.
    Have fun!
  13. the gates are still closed. but most of you know what that means. the hazard trees havent been cut but wdfw was impatient and went ahead already. they put 3000 in dog and dont know if they've stocked leech or not yet.
  14. My plan is to go this 15th, not 100% yet whether I will be able to go or not but I think that should be just about perfect timing as long as the weather is nice!
  15. Gates open not planted yet which made it good until the wind picked up blew me off around 5:30 Lots of Brookies to be had fun!!!
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  16. maybe that's where ill go tomorrow. . .
  17. Looks like they planted Leech Lake last week
  18. Fished it yesterday and it has definitely been planted. Lots of 14 to 16" rainbows prowling the middle of the lake taking pretty much whatever you present.
  19. Was there at the end of July ish last year. The traveling sedges were on the move. Big! Fill your fly box. Add calibaetis.
  20. Went there yesterday. Fished mid day. Plenty of folks on water. Plenty of squitoes in parking lot. Forest Serice checking for passes on vehicles. About noon fish began hitting surface like crazy. Left dry fly box at home, found a couple EHC that got no love. Switched to indicator set up and quickly landed 4 fish on 6 casts, then slower. Very large callibaetis coming off. Large and small caddis. Damsel adults on surface as well. Saw and heard osprey, but none fishing.


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