Lenice Quick Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Donato, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Fished Lenice on Sat with my girlfriend. This was our first trip there this year. The weather was beautiful but the fishing was a little slow. She hates that lake and said she would never fish it again if she didn't catch any fish, luckly she did. Got on the lake around 10:15. She was set up with type 3 and intermediate lines and I had a chrono set up and an intermediate line. I fished the shallows witn the intermediate and a olive leech and she fished the deerper water witha an olive willie and some others she tried. 5 hrs produced 4 fish for her with a few lost and many missed bites. I cought 5 with only one big one, about 19. He was caught on a sinking line with a leech. The other 4 were 10-16 inchers caught in the shallows.
    I tried chronos for a while but no takers. I think I would have had better fishing if I fished the deeper water from the get-go. I'm more a master of the sinking line thing than chrono's.
    All in all a great day on the water :)
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    Thanks for the report. Heading over with 3 buddies after work on Wednesday. Did you happen to get water temps?
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    The water temp was 57 to 60 one foot down today