Lethal kayak fishing.

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Bradley Miller, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Wow. A shark fatality in Hawaii. Kayak fishing. Life is short.
  2. You're just going to say that and not provide a link?
  3. When kayayk fishing for bottom fish out along the jetties here, especially out along the South Jetty at the Grays Harbor entrance, I don't let my feet dangle over the side, and I don't bleed out my fish into the water. I cut their gills and throw 'em headfirst into a 5 gal bucket, or else into my old cooler. Both will fit into my Tarpon's rear cargo well at the same time. I try to avoid putting much blood into the water while I'm out there fishing. I don't want to chum up anything!
  4. That is a sad story and a strange how the shark attack numbers along Maui's shores have spiked.
  5. I have family/friends in Hawaii. They have lots of Tiger sharks. No way in hell Im going to fish the blue waters on Kayak or small boat.
  6. Any medical professionals here that can chime in on how long it would take to die from blood loss from a bleed out like this? Seems like the man was just really unlucky with time. Like maybe minutes from being able to make it. The article doesn't say how long it took to flag down the charter boat but I feel like if time was on your side and everything aligned then the guy could have survived.

  7. Yeah: I was relating this story to my son who is a combat medic. His first comment was: maybe not a great tourniquet. Not meant as a criticism, but a triage analysis. No doubt at all that first aid at sea in a kayak is difficult at best. Lessons to be learned here, to be sure. Our best to the family.
  8. There's also a good possibility he went into shock too so even if the blood loss was stopped, expert medical care was still not available. He could have been on meds that reduced clotting etc. I think we should wait for the autopsy report to look for something to learn besides don't dangle your limbs overboard unless you're in a swimming pool..
  9. sucks because sitting sideways in the kayak is the most comfortable position for fishing.

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