lets see your switch and spey setups

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by liltanker32, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. just thought i would get this going, show off your switch rods and reels and spey rods and reels.
  2. When posting photos becomes less than a pain in the ass, I'd be happy to.

  3. Shouldn't one who attempts to start a photo thread post a photo?

    I have pics of a recent spey build on my profile...

  4. Alright I'll jump in. My two favorite rods.
    Top one Meiser 13068C with my Hardy Salmon #2
    Bottom one Meiser 11045 switch with my Hardy Bougle
  5. my guide to posting images on wff forums...

    tinypic.com (upload, makes u type in 2 verification words)

    copy the link on left with [​IMG] tags.

    paste the link on forums.

    takes about 15 seconds total :)
  6. reddington crosswater 8wt 9'0

    hand me down okuma reel stuck with the retrieve on the wrong side

    wulf triangle taper ambush line..
  7. [​IMG]

    My 12'7" Buelah, Orvis Mach V reel and a Guideline Powertaper line!



    14'3 CND Solstice, Tioga 12 reel and CND GPS 7/8 line...

    Got a Helios switch rod I use on the beaches with the Orvis Switch 7wt line, a 14' 9140 VPS and a 15' Albright spey rod.

  8. Carron 15ft 16ft 18ft
  9. I have to be honest, he's right. Have comp'ers that would eat ass for functionality ... but post a picture ... save for via e-mail.Mangie-rangie bussie programs that I spent ... lets just say lots .. won't allow me to do that.

    Kidding aside, not the above, I have to send pic's to someone in a e-mail so they can up-load same.

    Guess I'm getting what I expected/paid for in "Internet suck-urtty.'

    But that's a good thing.
  10. Bruce,
    that's a very loud set up! must be very disturbing to fish near you! :clown:

    my delightful light weight set - Loomis 12'9 6/7 Dredger and Zenith reel
  11. Cool shot Yuhina :thumb:
  12. View attachment 43729

    One of my set ups... a Decho 6126 with a Redington AL 11/12 reel. I've since upgraded the reel to a Bauer Rogue, but haven't gotten any fish to cooperate with a photo opportunity! Line is a Skagit 450 (integrated). Just wish I would have framed the photo better to include the lower handle of the rod...
  13. damn Mark, you're killin' me!!!!
  14. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/liltanker32/6087466782/" title="Hatch 7 plus on a red truck diesel switch. by janszenmark, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6183/6087466782_529910aa63.jpg" width="374" height="500" alt="Hatch 7 plus on a red truck diesel switch. "></a>
  15. [​IMG]

    Just copy the image location INSIDE the HTML code from your Flickr site and attached it to the image upload icon.
    for instance, your image web location is "http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6183/6087466782_529910aa63.jpg"

    Hope this help...
    Nice rod! BTW

  16. thanks for the trick to posting the pics. i have fished this rod for about a month. I love it so much, and the hatch 7 plus just puts the brakes on any steelhead i have hooked. I must say though, the red truck rod is a bit slow compaaired to a sage tcx. but oh well, still a great rod
  17. My fav switch is very retro; an 11' 6/7 glass rod with a Hardy on same. Line is a custom cut head done by Steve Godshall here in the valley.
  18. My Batson 7wt switch with a Eco Ion 7/9 reel...


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