lets see your switch and spey setups

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by liltanker32, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    just thought i would get this going, show off your switch rods and reels and spey rods and reels.
  2. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    When posting photos becomes less than a pain in the ass, I'd be happy to.

  3. slugthug

    slugthug Member

    Shouldn't one who attempts to start a photo thread post a photo?

    I have pics of a recent spey build on my profile...

  4. Speychucker

    Speychucker New Member

    Alright I'll jump in. My two favorite rods.
    Top one Meiser 13068C with my Hardy Salmon #2
    Bottom one Meiser 11045 switch with my Hardy Bougle
  5. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    my guide to posting images on wff forums...

    tinypic.com (upload, makes u type in 2 verification words)

    copy the link on left with [​IMG] tags.

    paste the link on forums.

    takes about 15 seconds total :)
  6. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    reddington crosswater 8wt 9'0

    hand me down okuma reel stuck with the retrieve on the wrong side

    wulf triangle taper ambush line..
  7. flybill

    flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!


    My 12'7" Buelah, Orvis Mach V reel and a Guideline Powertaper line!



    14'3 CND Solstice, Tioga 12 reel and CND GPS 7/8 line...

    Got a Helios switch rod I use on the beaches with the Orvis Switch 7wt line, a 14' 9140 VPS and a 15' Albright spey rod.

  8. fisshman26

    fisshman26 Member

    Carron 15ft 16ft 18ft
  9. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    I have to be honest, he's right. Have comp'ers that would eat ass for functionality ... but post a picture ... save for via e-mail.Mangie-rangie bussie programs that I spent ... lets just say lots .. won't allow me to do that.

    Kidding aside, not the above, I have to send pic's to someone in a e-mail so they can up-load same.

    Guess I'm getting what I expected/paid for in "Internet suck-urtty.'

    But that's a good thing.
  10. yuhina

    yuhina Tropical member

    that's a very loud set up! must be very disturbing to fish near you! :clown:

    my delightful light weight set - Loomis 12'9 6/7 Dredger and Zenith reel
  11. shotgunner

    shotgunner Anywhere ~ Anytime

    Cool shot Yuhina :thumb:
  12. Merle

    Merle Not New, Just rarely post...

    View attachment 43729

    One of my set ups... a Decho 6126 with a Redington AL 11/12 reel. I've since upgraded the reel to a Bauer Rogue, but haven't gotten any fish to cooperate with a photo opportunity! Line is a Skagit 450 (integrated). Just wish I would have framed the photo better to include the lower handle of the rod...
  13. Randall Clark

    Randall Clark Active Member

    damn Mark, you're killin' me!!!!
  14. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

  15. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/liltanker32/6087466782/" title="Hatch 7 plus on a red truck diesel switch. by janszenmark, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6183/6087466782_529910aa63.jpg" width="374" height="500" alt="Hatch 7 plus on a red truck diesel switch. "></a>
  16. yuhina

    yuhina Tropical member


    Just copy the image location INSIDE the HTML code from your Flickr site and attached it to the image upload icon.
    for instance, your image web location is "http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6183/6087466782_529910aa63.jpg"

    Hope this help...
    Nice rod! BTW

  17. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    thanks for the trick to posting the pics. i have fished this rod for about a month. I love it so much, and the hatch 7 plus just puts the brakes on any steelhead i have hooked. I must say though, the red truck rod is a bit slow compaaired to a sage tcx. but oh well, still a great rod
  18. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

  19. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    My fav switch is very retro; an 11' 6/7 glass rod with a Hardy on same. Line is a custom cut head done by Steve Godshall here in the valley.
  20. Badfish Creek

    Badfish Creek New Member

    My Batson 7wt switch with a Eco Ion 7/9 reel...


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