lets see your switch and spey setups

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by liltanker32, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. SnoCo FlyLife Get your shots

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    First Post! New on the swing scene. New rig; Redington Prospector (11'9" 8#) Sage 2080 reel. First summer run, got into the game during this last winter when I was sidelined from snowboarding. ...I needed another expensive hobby to fill the void. Now Im hooked! Cheers! fish.jpg
  2. Derek Day Rockyday

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    I'm not sure if you meant that the fish in the picture was your first summer run, but, that's a bull trout (light spots on a darker background). And, unless you bonked it (only legal in very limited circumstances) it needs to be kept in the water.

    Looks like you've figured out how to cast it, and find fish though! Welcome to the game.
  3. SnoCo FlyLife Get your shots

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    Yup, know its a bully. Was solo and needed the pic of first fish on new rod, safely returned home for another fight (was ready to go with camera and was out of water for literally 3 seconds). Was beyond excited during the landing... The hunt for the summer run continues! See ya out there! Cheers!
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    heres the latest

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    Good eye Derek, please please please know your species and the rules. There are no excuses. 3 seconds is 3 seconds too long. If that fish decided to go ballistic on the rocks then you most likely killed it. Keep em in the water and beautiful fish man!