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  1. I only open the glove box in my fishing truck to jam something else inside. I'm not really sure what's in there because I fear opening the thing to look. The mixture of all the crap in there could have mutated into something that would threaten the population of the planet.
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  2. Amen. The only thing I've "discovered" since paying for my Discovery Pass the past two years was that nothing has improved at the places that require them. No improvement in cleanliness, personal or car safety, reduction in tweakers lurking about nor fishing quality. That's what I've "discovered".
  3. It actually seems that the places that require discover passes not only haven't improved, but have gotten less attention than before. Except to check your pass and write tickets.
  4. However, I have noticed that the opportunities for parking have improved! Fewer folks using the state parks can translate into making it easier to find that primo parking spot!
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  5. really made Old Man's day!

    OM...when's your birthday? Just the month and day (I don't think my smartphone calendar will let me enter a year that long ago). I'm gonna put it on my calendar so I can lob slow pitches about Washington's licensing requirements right across your homebase!
  6. I am astonished at the whining. During the recent economic downturn, the state has decreased funding from the general fund to the state park system (along with many other state agencies); there have even been proposals to make the state park system "self-sufficient". The Discovery Pass is an attempt to pass the costs of supporting the state park system (and WDFW and DNR to a lesser extent) to those who use it. I know, I know, what kind of a world do we live in where people are expected to pay for government services that they use???? So, when people who use state parks do not purchase Discovery Passes (see current/past threads for contributions from multiple board members who have vowed to never purchase them), the pass does not bring in as much money as the state took away. Many state parks have transformed year-round ranger positions to seasonal positions. Fewer workers = less work is accomplished. And yet people are surprised that there aren't as many rangers to greet them, keep an eye on their vehicles, or clean the bathrooms. I know it shouldn't, but the lack of fundamental economic understanding and the prevalance of "magical thinking" astounds me.

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  7. Or conversely, why people in Eastern WA bear the burden of costs for stadiums, HOV lanes and mass transit projects of inefficiency. I think most have no problem paying for what they use. We already do so by paying taxes. Let's get the complete list of all budget line items and begin the trimming exercise...I think you you be surprised how many items we could reduce or cut and never get to the state parks.
  8. Remember when you got that sticker to stick to the back of your vehicle. When it faded out you were required to get another one. I never did. I just fished on.

    Every time I come back to Washington I don't even think about fishing anymore. For an out of stater, you end up paying for everything. Hell, you could end up broke and still not got to enjoy your self.
  9. This fall into the category of the "Big Lie". Citizens in western Washington, especially the classic punching bag, King County, pay far more in taxes than they receive in benefits from the government (see
    Those who wail most often about big government, government inefficiency, dependency, etc. receive far more in tax benefits than they pay.

  10. Back to the original point: WDFW fishing licenses are ridiculously large.
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  11. Nope it's what happens when one chooses to live on the ant hill. This does not take into account the significant population differences, revenue/capita, and effect of transient voter base.

    Like I said, let's get a complete list of every budget line item and have the discussion from that point. I suspect there are a good many ("are you kidding me") items the insiders would simply prefer not to discuss.
  12. Yes they are... we should be glad they don't require we wear them on outer garment like CA :)
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  13. I am proud to say I am from Skagit County, one of only three evenly split counties in the state and receiving less than we give.
  14. ....and what is up with Ferry County? Bunch of welfare cases up there.
  15. I trim my license and CRC to achieve a better fit in my wallet. With the thin paper it's made of nowadays, it takes up about the same amount of volume as the old light cardboard punch cards and paper license. Mountains out of molehills methinks.

    The Discover Pass, that is another matter. I think public land should be accessible to the public for no more than the cost of citizenship. If you pay your taxes, you should have the right to access public property. The reason the Legislature chose to defund State Parks and institute the Discover Pass is because public parks are a high demand asset for which it is fairly easy to enforce "pay to play." Now state park employees spend their time enforcing the Discover Pass instead of maintaining the park. Nice trade off. The Legislature can't institute "pay to play" as readily for many other state general funded activities. The state Constitution won't let them charge you tuition to send your kids to public schools. And imagine putting the State Patrol on a financial self-sufficiency diet -- they'd be too busy writing speeding tickets to ever investigate crime. Highways have long been somewhat self-supporting with the gas tax. And let's face it, there is no "pay to play" model that could ever fund DSHS, the state's largest public agency. Ergo, we get the Discover Pass, regardless that it's just morally wrong, according to my morals.

  16. Good ol' days? Give me a F*&^ing break!

    The good days featured endless catch-and-kill coupled with massive hatchery put-and-take stocking with 50% per fewer people using our natural resources.. The population in WA since 1980 has grown more than 50% (from 4.1 million people in 1980 to 6.8 million last year) while our supply of native fish has declined.

    Today hikers, boaters, anglers and hunters bitch about licence and access fees but the simple fact is we have far more people demanding access to far fewer natural resources, with less public funds to manage them. What the hell do you think is going to happen in this situation?

    General fund dollars will never again cover public lands and natural resource recreation. IF we aren't willing to cover the costs of managing the resources we enjoy (fish, game, wildlands, trails, etc.) those resources will eventually disappear.

    Frankly, I'm sick of the bitching about how things were in the 'good old days' -- it was the practices of the users and managers during those 'good old days' that screwed us all today!

    Buy a Discover Pass ($30 - covers all day use in State parks, DNR lands, and WDFW lands) and an America the Beautiful Pass ($80 - covers all day use in virtually all US Forest Service, National Park, BLM and US Wildlife Refuge lands NATION WIDE) and stop bitching -- or else accept that fact that your kids will not have access to the lands you currently enjoy. It's your call.
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  17. It's always the deadbeats (and freeloaders) that bitch the most!
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  18. We remember the 'good ol days'...and forget the bad old days. As Stan Kenton once said, "The only good thing about the 'good old days' is that they're gone."

    I'm old enough to remember those days....and their aftermath...the hordes of fisherman hauling gunny-sacks of fish out of lakes, creeks, and there was no tomorrow (some, upon retirement, escaped to Montana...which will eventually meet the same fate). The demands that, somehow, those fish be replaced, in those tapped out waterbodies....and now...the whining about paying for those efforts. The same ethic, and thought, that there'd be no end to the productive capacity of forests, mineral deposits, water resources, and new 'horizons' for human exploitation of the earth.

    And you know doesn't matter if you agree with me or not.....we're hitting 'carrying capacity' on any variety of environmental fronts. It's not limitless, and it will require ever more regulation, control, and financial support.

    The neat thing is that most 'deep ecologists' laugh at the idea of humanity 'saving the earth'; it will do just fine after we're long gone (at least until the sun inevitably burns out). Of course, this all pales into insignificance, compared to the outlandish licensing documentation we have to carry around!
  19. Not to totally discount the article, but I would take any article from uber-liberal Stranger with a grain of salt, especially if they can twist the figures and logic to make conservative/Republicans appear to be the bad guys.
  20. In the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." Just because you don't like the facts presented by the stranger doesn't mean you can disregard them like an opinion you don't like--unless you can show them to be erroneous. Good luck.

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