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  1. Improvise, adapt, overcome, Boot! I salute you, sir!
  2. I'd love to see that overlayed with median income brackets of each county. I bet the results might worry some folks
  3. Ask and you shall receive, although it is for the country as whole. [​IMG]

    This isn't quite what you asked for (average wage by county), but it gives a similar picture and you can see how it changes over the last 20+ years (see

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  4. Yeah you just lucked out and fell into a county that isn't so far from the core of the ant farm that it escapes being a bedroom community for high wage and salary earners. Lately out here on the coastal strip we've been maintaining unemployment figures hovering over 25% ! My neighbor was doing his best to level those numbers by commuting about 150 miles RT to Oly from here at least 4 days every week, until he retired.
    Grays Harbor Co seems to lie in the middle range of the (re)distribution. There seems to be plenty of "work" to be found out here for entrepreneurial types who can create their own jobs or situations by marketing their skills and expertise. However, much of the local economy here is seasonal and depends on the tourist season. The big year-round employer here, Westport Shipyards, has been laying off workers recently.
    The local resource rapers always manage to stay pretty busy, and the cranberry bogs are waking up and require tending. Those "jobs" usually are already filled by locals. Not too many "job listings," though.

    Now, can you tell me how Kitsap Co gets to fly under the radar? No numbers posted for them. I wouldn't be surprised if DryFlyLarry has something to do with that!:D
  5. Kitsap Co was there. You need better glasses
  6. I believe it was only recently that Skagit could be considered a split. It was solidly red and the last remaining one nestled in the middle of the more populated and wealthier liberal counties to the north and south of it. Although Whatcom county used to be more red until Bellingham's population increased dramatically in the eighties and nineties. Skagit County's population growth remains flat compared to Whatcom county and counties to the south but, you are correct in the last dozen or so years, more people are commuting to the south for work. Still Skagit County has always held its own amongst the wealthier counties and its economy remains agricultural based.
  7. Right you are! I didn't blow up the map, and I didn't notice the label for Kitsap where they relocated it out into the ocean. I plan to get an eye exam in the very near future. My current glasses (bifocals) are the worst glasses I've ever had. I think they screw up my vision more than helping it. I'm going to get some regular lenses and just take them off when I need to read. And then maybe some "computer glasses" Man, I really hate bifocals!
  8. Kerry, my opinion was influenced by a woman I was seeing around the turn of the century, who lived up near Bow. Way back in 1998, she was complaining about people who were moving into Skagit Co, although they still worked in Seattle. She didn't like it because she believed it was driving up housing prices, creating more competition for rentals, and causing landlords to raise the rents. Her rent was raised considerably, and she was forced to move from her small house.
  9. By the way, I folded my catch record "card" linear faux-origami style so that the salmon and steelhead sides are to the outside. I creased the folds as squarely as I could. I don't have to unfold it to record my first few catches of either of those species. I keep it and my license in a cheap vinyl card wallet (the kind you might get for free in the junk mail, if you luck out). License facing out thru the clear vinyl. This keeps it all from becoming a mess. I don't have any problems with mine.
    I can stick my driver's license (and maybe my credit card) in with that, and zip it into the little pocket on the upper sleeve of my paddling fleece.

    Lesseehere, I've got the annual Discover Pass, WA combo fishing license and WDFW parking pass, Lifetime Nat'l Pks and Fed Rec Lands Pass (senior pass if your 62 is only $10, good for life), paperwork for three licensed trailers and one registered "power boat," and I have no problem keeping those organized in a small folder in my glove box. Still have plenty room for cheap binocs, my digital camera, extra pair of prescrip glasses, Cocoon sunglasses in a case, my Forester owner's manual, vehicle registration, and a bunch of assorted stuff like pens and a small flashlight, with room to spare.
  10. If you are a senior citizen and visit the national parks, you will have a credit card type pass plus two "mirror hung" passes. Add these to your fishing license, catch record, "mirror hung" parking permit and discover pass. I feel like it is time to hire a personal secretary to travel with me. And glove compartments on cars are getting smaller or disappearing due to airbags.
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  11. Wait until you need trifocals. I have them and I see fine with them. I got used to the lines in my trifocals so seeing through them is no problem. The Eye Doc said he could get rid of the lines, but I said leave them there. I want people to see how blind I am.
  12. I'm always entertained when I hear eastern Washington residents bitch about the costs of being part of the same state with the westside...they often argue that eastern Washington ought to secede, and form a state with northern Idaho, and Montana.

    Of course, the only logical name for this new state would be....The State of Poverty. Its state seal would have to incorporate things that would embody its finest stamps, as well as welfare and unemployment checks.
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  13. Amen Brother.
  14. we dont want it ! neither do we want idaho. we're still trying to offload the eastern third of montana. we will however, trade huey lewis for the grande ronde and the clearwater. steelhead would be the ony thing that could make montana better. that and better mexican food.
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  15. Well, you keep Ryan Leaf, we'll keep our carp.
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  16. do you guys in WA or OR have to have a valid driver license to get your fishing license?

    the crooks down here now require it. yes our licenses are long too, but we don't have the parking placards, yet. pay to play!
  17. If anyone is in the military the state of WA has offered a card that will get let you park anywhere in the state and its free. All you have to do is go to one of the national parks and they will give it to you when you show your military ID.
  18. Check this out. I am planning a trip to the Yellowstone area for a stay of about a month. My best price on a Montana fishing license for that amount of time is a full year out of state license. Cost, $70 with the conservation fee. My Washington residence license for fresh water only and the semi-required Discovery pass was $64.50. If I had bought the combo fresh and saltwater license, it would have been $89.25. I don't mind paying to support an activity I enjoy, but why is it equal or less to fish out of state in Montana than to fish as a resident in Washington. And I see today our state leaders are thinking about adding a $0.10 /gallon tax to our gas and raise our auto registration fees again. This place is getting expensive!

    Dr Bob :eek:
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  19. For one thing, Montana only has freshwater fishing opportunities. Maybe the Montana legislature funds MFW&P such that license increases aren't necessary.
  20. very, very few hatcheries, and almost zero stocking of trout in moving water (less than .01% of rivers and streams are stocked at all) hatcheries are what eat up the funds. FWP gets 100 bucks each from every guide, every year for commercial acess, in addition to our annual fishing lic. (thats not for guide lic. thats a different agency). they'd be making 100 times that had they added a 1 dollar access improvement fee per out of state license instead. who would complain about a buck ? they do stick it to guides here (up to 7 different agencies to pay), but the best access (not just laws, but ramps and parking) of anywhere i've been. and for non -res anglers only 1/2 the cost of what my non-res oregon steelheading cost me annually.

    next time your here, remember the guides you see are helping to keep your license cost down, and your access abundant. i hear alot of people complaining that they see too many guide boats passing by. maybe they dont realize we have about 4 mos. here to make 80-90% of our annual income, and most guides are seasonal (retired, hobby job, trustfunders) and only work 3 mos. (keep that in mind and please always ask for a full timer) i think WDFW likes guides more than MFWP. how does WA afford all those hatcheries without contributions from the general fund ?

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