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  1. Thanks for the insight hydro. When i use the services of a guide while I am in MT, I will be sure to add to his tip.

    Dr Bob
  2. Well...for one thing, Washington operates a huge 'put and take' fishery; with its much bigger population, it has to...while Montana is second only to Alaska in low population density....low fishing pressure. The vast majority of the Washingtonians that fish want only a few days on the water...and a big daily limit of hatchery fish to haul home (mostly to sit for years in a freezer until thrown out because of freezer burn). For some reason, 'catching your limit ' is still like getting a gold medal in Washington.

    Believe me, I work with people who look at me like I'm insane when I talk about C&R.....foreign concept to people that bitch about license costs...and demand to annually extract more fish from every lake than it could possibly ever produce on it's own.

    As for cost...try making a living in Montana. It's not a coincidence that a great many people living there made their money somewhere else, and retire there (or, if still working elsewhere, are the ones who can afford huge vacation homes.....and access to private water). Hell, a lot of my family started out in Montana, and all of them eventually got priced out of living there...shitty wages, no jobs, and real estate prices driven up by outsiders.

    It's a real 'apples and oranges' comparison.
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  3. Thanks for the insite and comparison Krusty. I am with you on the "catch your limit" or "limiting out" gold metal. I fish on a local lake here where the bait fishermen on the shore can't understand why I want to fly fish for a few stockers and then C&R. I just tell them I am an idiot.

    I also understand making a living in Montana challenge. My youngest son lived there for about 5 years and tried to make it as a cook. He moved back home, but that's another story.

    Dr Bob
  4. The Old Man has compared Montana to a third world country so of course things are cheaper over there :D
  5. I have coffee nearly every morning with a pair of brothers who Powerbait fish nearly every day. For one of the brothers (they are actually twins) the fishing is strictly about filling his limit each day that they go. The other twin really fishes for the experience - the irony is that he is the more successful fisher.
  6. My wife works here in Montana. She makes 8 bucks and hour. She works because she wants to, not because she has to. She does it for spending money on Quilting stuff.. She has almost more yardage than most quilt shops.

    It burns my ass because the asshole she works for is an asshole.
  7. It's not gonna happen ever, but it would be great to have a credit card style license. Have a mag-stripe or a barcode on the back, photo of your ugly mug on the front, reusable, easy to scan, easy to update, fits in your effink wallet. A simple scan or swipe would auto-load your info instead of having to hold up the customer service line at Fred Meyers while a bunch of pissed off housewives give you the stink eye as a fumbling 18 year old tries to input your information on a computer with the processing power of a calculator (Commodore AL-1000). When (if?) the warden checks you, just hand him your card, he scans it, fines you for breaking the law (you rebel you), and you go on your merry way, instead of spending ten minutes figuring out how to unfold the 10" origami swan that is your license without completely tearing it to shreds.
    But that's not cost effective, so I'll just keep dreaming.

  8. I think some of the King county-ites should move over to Lincoln and Ferry counties. My guess is they'd start voting Republican and enjoying country life.
  9. Ah yes, but the first time you go fishing without a license, that is the day the WDFW will want to check it. Murphy has a hand in it.

    Governments, and government agencies have an insatiable appetite for taxes in any form. I guess you could say, "It is what they do".

    I suspect that the license thing could be more concise and logical, passes too, for that matter. But it is not the nature of the government to be either concise or logical. A good example of this is our fishing regulation book. Consider also that there is a companion tome, for hunting regulations.

    Turned over to a private agency, that was charged with making a profit from the issue of licenses and regulations, you would probably get a postage stamp size license, a pocket size booklet for regulations and a coupon for a discount at the local liquor store.
  10. It's a good thing that WE don't have any salt water to fish in. Having to wash all your gear off all the time after fishing in salt water has to be tiring. I used my gear one time in salt water and have regretted it at the time. Even after washing and soaking my reel in fresh water my reel still froze up. I swore off fishing the salt from then on.

    Besides there are fish to be caught here. Not getting skunked almost every time you go out.
  11. Jim, does the asshole she works for manage the Department of Redundancy department? I think I know him.
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  12. I did hear that there will be some changes coming to Washington's fishing license for 2014. I heard it second hand, but there may be some smart phone apps available, one of which may could be used instead of a catch record card. I also think a person will have the ability to print out his/her license at home.
  13. Wow...that is like so last century man....
  14. What happens if you don't have a smart phone. They going to force you to go out and buy one.
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  15. My question prezactly, Jim.
  16. You will have to send your phone to a Washington State supported school until it can pass a WASL tests then it will be certified to do fishing license work.
  17. My day is fine
    Even if I can't be fishin
    As long as I know Old Man's alive
    Cause he's still bitchin
  18. No. The smart phone app will be an option. You go old school and use a paper catch record card if you don't have a smart phone.
  19. I had a smart phone for a while, But I wasn't smart enough to use it. I got rid of it and got a dumb phone. Now I'm happy, because all it does is let me make and answer phone calls.
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