light weight hiking boots for fishing also.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by cutthroat kid, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. cutthroat kid cut throat kid

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    Anyone have a good boot that is good for wading and hiking for small creeks and streams ?
    I want to do a lot of small creeks and streams this summer through fall and hike 3 or 4 miles on trail put on some neoprene wading knee length wading socks do some fishing and hike back out.

    Anyone had any good success with hiking boots they use for fishing. ?
  2. Peyton00 Active Member

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    I have a pair of wading boots that fit like regular shoes/boots . I wear a bootie to keep the rocks out of my toes and i have no issues on long days of wet wading. Rubber soles with studs.
  3. Kyle Smith Active Member

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    They are a bit expensive, but the new Simms Vapor boots look pretty sweet. The Korkers Boxcar shoes also look great and really light. I am trying on the Vapors the next chance I get.
  4. steelydan Newb seeking wisdom

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    I would like to try Patagonia Rock Grip soles for the same purpose.
    No experience to share.