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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

    Lugan, damn straight, thanks for reminding me to be on the lookout for dislike button has a hair trigger :D

    KerryS, it's not nice to vote and tell.
  2. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    I was making a point about retaliation in using the rating system. You were the perfect example. If you look at the bottom of the post you will see you can list who gave it a thumbs up or down. None of it, is as you say, voting and telling.
  3. Go Fish

    Go Fish Language, its a virus

    I dislike the like thing,
    seems Fish Book-ish to me.
  4. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    I'm disappointed that already there are folks using the likes and dislikes as payback currency. Grow the hell up you thin skinned bunch of babies. Read someone's post and like it, dislike it or post no rating at all. Don't hold a grudge. Don't leverage them as currency. Give an honest assessment of the posted material, not use it as a BS tool to demonstrate you think someone is a TOOL. Such action proves you to be a stuck in pre-pubescent pimply faced kid mode and not ready for the internet social scene. Back to grandma's basement for you, you can't follow and respect the campfire rules!
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  5. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    Mine too.

    On the other hand, I could argue that accruing lots of likes OR dislikes might be a good thing. It might be an indication that you are writing about topics that matter and have the backbone to state a strong case, even if it rubs a few people wrong. IMO in the long run after this new system has been exercised by the community, it will be far worse to have, for example, 1,000 posts and only 3 likes and 0 dislikes. That would probably be a person with lots of filler posts like "Nice fish, buddy!". I won't be that guy, I guarantee it. You won't either Freestone.
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  6. Chris Scoones

    Chris Scoones Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for everyone's feedback. A lot of it offline.

    Going to move forward with likes and drop the dislikes. Perhaps I'll revisit that approach down the road but for now, it seams it's going to cause some distraction I'd rather not deal with at the moment. Who's stupid idea was that anyway?...

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  7. PT

    PT Physhicist

    Ya, no need for the dislikes. Ed can already picture me hitting that button every time he posts. That's good enough for me.

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  8. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I lost my one dislike. Can I have it back please?
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  9. Chris Bellows

    Chris Bellows Your Preferred WFF Poster

    everyone gets a trophy... thank goodness our self-esteem won't be damaged.
  10. flybill

    flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Damn it, I was going to "dislike" removing the "dislike" option... :D
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  11. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    The dislikes have been removed??? In that case I retract the ...long walks on the beach and spooning" since I don't have to pander to anyones sense of humor. My long walks now will be in the aisles of a new fly shop like last Friday in Westslope Anglers.
  12. JesseC

    JesseC Active Member

    I thought the dislikes were a good tool for giving honest feedback without starting a flame war.

    Then again - it doesn't surprise me that many would object to anything "negative" at all. Positive affirmation only please! :rolleyes:
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  13. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    How about a "Gong!" like the Gong Show??
  14. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    I protest, how the heck am I going to know when I piss people off if the dislikes button is disabled ???
  15. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

    Assume your pissing off half of us half the time and bringing sheer joy and insight to us the other half of the time...that's how I manage to handle this weighty subject and still sleep at night :D
  16. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    This is some sage advise & words of a wise man