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  1. Ah, one more thing, I have an Okuma 2/3 on this rod (I find it a bit tip heavy, so I didnt go for the lightest reels, plus I wanted sthg affordable).
    If I settle for a WF4 and still want a little 12lb backing -not that much- I might need another reel.
    Would you have suggestions for a very affordable reel that would suit my needs?
    Thanks again in advance
  2. You can get a Cabela's Wind River (die cast, disc drag) reel online for $20 plus shipping. They are better than anything else at that price. Next one I'd consider is the Okuma Sierra 4/5, can be had on Amazon for $36.
  3. I just tried a wf4 on mine a really liked it. It's a toss up between the wf3 and the wf4. Changed the rod completely for me. With the 3 I felt like it has a ton of finesse and I could throw dries that fall like feathers out to 35-40 feet. With the 4 I felt like it lost some finesse but added punch needed to throw a light double nymph rig or weighted streamer that I would have difficulty throwing on a 3 weight line.

    Definitely give it a try, the rod may just come to life for you.

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  4. WF3 Rio Grande is the BUSINESS for this rod. I can precisely launch big hoppers or small caddis with it, water anchor casts are a breeze, and it's extremely light in the hands. It has easily become my favorite rod.
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  5. Just to make sure everybody reading this understands, a WF3 Rio Grand marked for 3wt is actually a FULL weight heavier, making it the equivalent of a non-Grand WF4.

    Rio's site states that the Grand is designed "to easily load faster action fly rods." To be clear, the CT is NOT a fast action rod, but rather a moderate or medium action.

    Nonetheless, my CT definitely casts better with any 4wt line or even a 4-1/2wt when I use a SA GPX DT4.

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  6. I think I may have to check out how something like a 3 weight GPX feels on it, if I like both a 3 and a 4 on it, maybe the 3.5 will be best.
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  7. I should be able to try a few lines by the end of the week.
    Amongst which a Rio Grand #3. It s a two hour trip, but it ll be a nice outing too. Hopefully the weather will stay nice ;)
    Thanks again for your help +++
  8. Good luck and report back on your findings!
  9. If you all are ever in the area where I am, I can always have a reel and line to test.

    WF3F Gold head length 46', 154 Grains, 30' 106 Grains
    WF3F Rio Grand head length 38', 140 Grains, 30' 114 Grains
    WF4F Gold head length 46', 189 Grains, 30', 126 Grains
    Right from the Rio line profile on the Rio site.

    So while I agree that the grand is a bit heavier in the first 30' it is not really a full line heavier, and I would argue that the full head on the WF3F Gold is heavier. What Luke and I like about the Grand is the way we spey cast with the 8' CT with our back to the brush where a non spey caster will not fish, and the speed to change direction with the spey cast to go into one back and forward overhead cast when room. The grand does, with the shorter heavier head, not land the small dries as light as the gold will but holy smokes 8 grains in 30 feet and I am not sure it really makes a difference.
  10. Craig, thanks for the info.
    I will try the lines at a club I contacted. It s a bit of a drive but it s closer than your shop - would be a 4 hour trip ;) Nevertheless, since u were kind enough to post, I ll definitely contact you to order once I ve made up my mind.
    These new lines are not cheap (whatever the brand) but I guess quality has a price and they certainly last longer than they used to (and probably float better)
  11. Rio makes great lines, purchase with no worries. I rocked a Rio line for 4 years without cleaning and it still floated with no concerns.

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  12. Was able to try several wf4 lines, and, frankly, they all performed very well...!
    The SA Mastery Trout wf4 was very pleasant, with good turnover, fairly tight loops. The SA GPX wf 3 (didnt try a #4) performed extremely well too.
    Tried a TT 4 (the owner had cudtomized the tip, shortened it for close quarters) and it was a winner too, especially with longer casts (a little bit of a "gliding" effect, but real nice)
    But I think my favorite was the Rio Grand in 3 weight. VERY nice at all distances. And I especially liked it when a light wind started blowing.
    I dont really haul (and certainly not double haul) , I suppose I should as I can be quite handy, especially with those light weights.
    I was lent a Grand 3wt for 2 weeks so I can really get used to it and see if it s indeed THE one, as it seems. The owner has several and is flying to Florida where he ll have very little use for a 3 wt anyway ;)
    So, for me, this rod definitely comes to life with either a 3 1/2 or a 4 weight WF line.
    I still wouldnt go for it if the wind got a little bit on the strong side. But it might have to do with my casting limitations.
    Glad you talked me into keeping it and persevering.
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  13. Glad you like the grand, I ran a 3wt grand today in hurricane winds with minimal issues. You won't be disappointed.

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  14. I am interested in this rod. What's the maximum distance you can drop your fly with very good accuracy?
  15. How well can you cast?

  16. Impossible to know. How well you cast determines that. I like mine out 30-45' with confidence. A but more with no wind. I'm not a very skilled caster. Some I know can reach much further. How do you do with your 5wt? Expect a little less than that.
  17. I'm a rather average caster. Not used to slower action rods though. Just curious about how far it can reach in skilled hands so I don't get frustrated trying to cast too far with precision.
    30-45' seems pretty good to me. I don't usually cast farther than 45-50'.
    Do you use shorter leaders than with your 5wt?
    I've noticed the Tempt replaced the CT. Is it just a face lift or are they different rods?
  18. For leaders it depends on where and how you are fishing. For creek cutties a 7' leader should be easier to flip around. If it's hatch fishing on a river, 9 to 15' leaders give you better presentation. I like a longer rod for long leaders though.
  19. I have thrown a DT3 Sage QT, Rio Selective Trout WF4 and finally a Peach DT4 on it. If I was going long I'd opt for the 3 but I think the DT4 was best for me. Throws well at 15' to 35' or so, which is plenty for the intended use. I'm not a fan of WF floaters though. I prefer the Steffen 4wt, FWIW.
  20. Well, I did it again ;) I ve traded my Loomis 9' #5 for a 8'6 #4 (GLX Streamdance).
    As much as I like the CT with a 4 weight line (or equivalent, like the Grand 3wt) on a small river sheltered from the wind, it still doesnt quite do it on my favorite rivers which are fairly windy and not so small (about 50 feet wide). It s obviously due to my faulty technique with the slower rod plus personal preference for the faster Streamdance.
    Anyways, I just LOVE the Streamdance. It is EXACTLY what I was dreaming of: a rather fast line speed, which I was alteady used to with the #5, combined with the lightness and increased discretion of the 4 wt.
    Not as stealthy as the CT, but I can compensate with a much longer tippet, no problem on my type of waters.
    So, thanks again for your help and input. I am glad I was able to line the CT properly and thus experiment with a slower and lighter rod than I am used to, even if I end up with yet another stick and part with the CT.
    I take advantage of this post to mention that I am selling the Redington CT in the Classified section, should anyone be interested. I ll probably also list it on ebay - I ll make sure to remove it from the Classified if it sells on ebay first.
    Have a nice week :)

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