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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Armando, Mar 25, 2013.

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    I recently purchased a 5wt Redington Prospector Switch rod. I intend to use it mainly for two handed casting in a large lake in Nevada. I bought a Rio Outbound Short with the sink tip for it but had trouble with the integrated running line, it sinks which stops the energy of the cast! I need suggestions for an alternative system. Maybe a running line system with floating and sinking heads? I have read good things about the Wulff Ambush line but can it cast sinking tips?
    I appreciate your feedback!
  2. RustE

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    What weight Outbound? Were you trying to use it with a water-borne anchor cast? Most folks I know use it for overhead casts.

    If the objective is tossing sink tips and big flies, go with a Skagit system. I'm partial to Airflo or Scientific Anglers products.
  3. Armando

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    Thanks for your reply,
    It's 8wt outbound. The grain window on the rod is 325 +or- 25 grains. I was water hauling it, bringing the line back and shooting it forward. The problem was that the running line sinks and stops the energy.
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    Ah. Would a stripping basket be an option? There should be a lot of DIY variations on the Internet that can be made for under $25.
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    According to Red's fly shop web site, you can put versileader sink tips on the Ambush line.
    here is what they say:
    "The Wulff Ambush Line is one of our favorite fly lines for Switch Rods, we like to go up 2 line weights. i.e - our most common sale is a 7 Weight Switch Rod with a 9 Weight Wulff Ambush fly line. It works very well for both swinging flies and/or indicator nymph fishing as well. One of the nice things about this line is that it cast perfect using a 10' Versileader (poly leader or spey versileader). The Wulff Ambush Line comes with a welded loop on the end that can be attached via loop-to-loop connection to a versileader. The leaders are available in various sink rates and are quite affordable in comparison to traditional sinking tip lines.
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