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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Jonathan Tachell, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. I picked up some new materials today to try out, so I've got some experimenting to do, but they're gonna be badass! Can't wait.
  2. Here is a picture of the fly I am tying minus the epoxy on the head. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures and the white on the belly of the fly does not show up very well against the white background. These are tied on an 8/0 gamakatsu hook with a loop of braid tied in for a stinger hook.
    ling candy 002.JPG ling candy 001.JPG
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  3. Very nice Tachell! I'll fish that with confidence! Are you going to cut the front hook off and just run a stinger?
  4. I usually leave the front hook intact. I like to think it increases my odds of landing fish as a lot of the time a ling will grab larger prey by the mid section and sometimes the head. Also the weight of the hook helps keep the fly riding in an upright position. Plus I figured I would leave the hook intact so you guys could decide whether you want to fish it as is or cut the hook.

    I can't wait to see what your tying up Steve.

    Tight Lines!
  5. Alright, flies are done. Just finished epoxying the last one a few minutes ago. One month until the general opener for lings and im stoked. Headed to Neah Bay and La Push May 2nd, hoping for calm seas and hungry lings.
  6. Hey guys, here's a couple flies I've finished for the swap, this color combo is by far my best producer. I only had time to throw a camera phone picture up, but they are about 9" long, yak and Flashabou, finished with a giant Fish Skull. I can't wait to fish them, they're gonna get hammered!

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  7. One more thing, they're tied on X point 4/0 hooks, I didn't have any trouble with short strikes last year, all the flys were buried in their monster mouths! These hooks held up very well and stayed sharp as Hell.

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  8. good looking flies... unlike the src swap i am a total slacker on this one. will get going this week.
  9. Those look great Steve! Can't wait to fish it.

  10. I see you like both kinds of chartreuse: lemon and lime. :) j/k Flies look large and in charge.
  11. It's there anything swimming out there that doesn't love chartreuse? I got the color recommendation from Anil last year. Maybe I'll call my fly the Lemon & Lime Ling, or the Monster Mojito....

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  12. How are the flies coming along guys? Three weeks until the general ling cod opener and about two weeks until the fly swap deadline. Who else is excited for some ling action?
  13. Got mine almost done- they are on tubes, so you can fish them as is or stack them on some other contrasting fly and have a monster offering. Just got to add another layor of epoxy. Should be sent in this week.
  14. Cool, I look forward to seeing them Ben!
  15. Jonathan and Steve,

    excellent job with the flies guys, I cannot wait to see the others.
  16. I'm hammered with work this week, so I'll finish my flies Saturday and get them in the mail asap.
  17. Sounds good Steve. I'm thinking some time in mid may we might have to get together and do some fishing before I go to Florida. Let me know what you think.
  18. Alright guys 9 more days until the dead line. Look forward to seeing everyones ling fly creations!
  19. Flies went in the mail today, can't wait for the opener! Looking forward to getting out together this year Jonathan, this is going to be a great season, I can feel it!

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  20. Yeah Buddy! I will trailer the boat up north once it opens and we will do some fishing Steve.

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