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  1. i've been a total slacker with this swap. i will not be able to get the flies to jonathan in time, but will get the flies to everyone in the swap. send me a PM with your address and i'll get them in the mail next week.

    got the hooks, weight, materials, and mental picture of the fly... now i just gotta get back home to the vise.
  2. Thats cool Chris, I trust you. Besides, I know where you work... and I'll find you. PM sent
  3. mine will be in the mail on monday, this has turned out to a fiasco trying to get materials, but they will be cool.
  4. I take it everybody has found out that Saltwater Yak is becoming a thing of the past? EP Fibers will probably be the best replacement from what I've found so far.
  5. Are they discontinuing the saltwater yak? If so, I guess I am going to have to start hording it before its impossible to find then. ha
  6. Hareline has done away with it, Spirit river is still selling it I believe, but talking to Blake at GHFS a couple weeks ago and he said it was becoming really hard to find. If you have a couple go-to colors I would order 2-3 packages now. There are some shops that still have stock around the country.
  7. Ok good to know.
  8. How we doing on this? Got an ETA?
  9. I have received two batches of flies. Waiting on the last three batches. Will mail them as soon as I get them.
  10. Alright I have everyones flies except Pat Lat's and he said that they were going in the mail today. So im hoping to have the flies out to you guys by Wednesday or Thursday. If anyone has a nice camera and would not mind taking pictures of the flies and posting them that would be greatly appreciated. Good looking flies guys.

    Tight Lines!
  11. mine did go out today. sorry it took so long, I was going to tie them on brass tubes with plastic tubes lining inside, so I gathered all the supplies and at the last minute realized I had no way of attatching a mandrel to my vise that was big enough to support them. So I ended up tying them on to the x point 4/0 hooks and they fell just shy of the six inch limit. But what they lack in length they make up for in detail.
  12. No worries. I look forward to seeing them.
  13. Alright guys, everyone's flies went out in the mail today. Pat your juvenile octopus is awesome! Thank you to everyone that participated.

    Tight Lines!
  14. I got my flies today. Great ties everybody, I'd fish all of them with confidence. Pat, awesome baby Octopus, but it will stay unfished, I can't send a fly like that down to get mauled by a ling, it looks like it took way to much work!
  15. Cool! I was hoping you guys would get them soon since I sent them out on wednesday. I know Steve, I hate to fish Pat's fly, it is to cool to fish.
  16. Here's a picture of Steve Knapp's fly

  17. Hahaha, that's awesome Chris! Glad you found some fish!

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  18. forgot to upload pics earlier. I hope they get garbaged by a monster ling. I think that would be cooler than having them sit in a box somewhere. Glad you guys thought they were cool though. IMG_5604.JPG
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