Little Red River in Arkansas

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    If you're ever in Arkansas, I recommend the Little Red River.

    Since I was in the South for the holidays, some buddies and I decided to take a road trip for some fishing. It was nice to have an excuse to avoid the in-laws and that unproductive deer stand in which I was freezing. New Year's Eve and Day had nasty weather (typical weather for the NW), but the fish were willing enough. We slung soft hackle, zebra midges and egg patterns. Great trip, but I'm still thawing out ...

    Separately, we even caught some largemouth bass in farm ponds on a clouser.









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    wow those are some nice fish, especially that last Brown! awesome looking water as well. never heard much if anything of fishing in Arkansas but if i ever end up there the little red will def be on the list.
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    Noice work some piggies in there
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