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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by guest, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. With all the rain that we've had does anybody know what the local rivers look like. Or are they all blown out of shape. Jim S.
  2. I hear the rivers are "wetter" than normal with the latest rain!
  3. Yo!!!! So fork Stilly way out as well as Canyon Creek but both should be OK tomorow.
  4. Just to the USGS website, which has flows in cubic feet per secon for a ton of westside rivers. If the little line just spiked up and is above average, the river is probably blown out. I think the website is http://wa.water.usgs.gov/realtime/current.html .
  5. I'm going to answer my own question. At least part of it. Went to look at the Stilly at Silvana. Ha Ha looks like a dark chocolate milk shake. Will take at least two more days of good weather to clear up. And with that clay slide across the river from Gold Basin Camp Ground. It will probly take longer. Jim S.
  6. I was on the NF Stilly today and the river had some color, but was quite fishable at Cicero bridge and Trafton.
  7. Released 2 fish on the So Fork sunday morn.I guess it pays to fish not talk.The river hasn't run real clear since Associated put their gravel pit on the Mtn Loop highway.However if you go above there the fishing is good at times!!

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