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  1. A last minute reprieve on Saturday had me meeting Scott at the Mukilteo Ferry dock for the 8:00 boat. Destination, Lone Lake. Temps were a chilly 34 but the weatherman promised high 50's for the day. The lighthouse is a favorite target as I head west on the ferry.


    Once we arrived at the lake we noticed a half dozen prammers already fishing. We on the other hand had to gear up while they fished. Ira brought a buddy to introduce to fly fishing. The loaded up their pram and parked just south of the loading ramp. Ira proceeded to pick up every dink within several hundred yards it seemed. With each new catch there arose a very vocal report of just how small they were.

    Steve (Islander) showed up and the three of us headed for the water. Scott seemed to do the best from the start and Steve and I floundered, well, I did. Seeing the birds working the water at the south end sent me on a quest for what I hoped were feeding trout. I did manage one healthy fish that was quite the acrobat and cleared the water several times before yielding to the net. I caught in on a scud with a full sink line in shallow water, it was cast, strip, strip, strip really fast. Whatever, it worked, but just the once. Another fellow picked up a few fishing around where I was. He's netting one here...


    Soon the troops showed up and there went the peace and quiet. Oh well, it was fun throwing jabs at one another as we often do. Ira even entertained us with a jug trick...I'll let him explain if he wants to ( I have the photo just in case...)

    Eventually we all headed north again for pit stops, ball games, flat butts, and other assorted excuses to get out of the water. BTW, Scott is sporting a beard these days, didn't get a good shot of it, but here he is with a sparkling background.


    Steve managed a nicely colored rainbow shown here...


    Catching slacked off big time for me so I targeted some of the local characters instead...



    After too many hours of not catching any fish we bailed for "dunch" at the HH Gun Club where burgers, ruebens, and micro brews soothed our spirits. As always a fun day on the water no matter the catch rate. I'm sure we'll do it again...soon.
  2. Dunch must be a couple of hours later than brunch. It took me a couple of seconds to work "dunch" out.
  3. Dinner + Lunch = Dunch
  4. Great pictures Rick. That stealthy sneak up on the Heron paid off.

    It was a great day for me as I saw Ira cast, strip and catch a fish.
    Who would have thunk!:eek:

    I was a bit far away to get a good pic, but you could hear him a mile away. This is Ira with his world record 8 & 1/2 (don't forget the half) inch dink.

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  5. Nicely done with the photographs! Heron's can be especially sensitive about having their photo's taken.
    ......And then there's Islander hamming it up with a chunky carryover.
  6. Ira bested me on the dink. Best I could do was 9". I did manage one nice fish, about 18". I was hoping a decent hatch would come off - just didn't happen.

    Steve, thanks for dunch.

  7. Roper... You're a great reporter/photographer. I appreciate the time you invest, so that we can all enjoy. Thanks!
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  8. Rick, as usual beautiful photos and an excellent report. Can't wait to see Salzer in a beard! I was at Pass that day, and got schooled by that couple who are always there in the olive drab aluminum boat fishing chiro's! They must have cuaght 15 at least as I only managed 3 (one 19" was the highlight). Rick
  9. Rick,
    This same couple drives down and fishes Lone each Spring and Fall. They always do well and they have the synchronized casting down! Fun to watch.
  10. Yes! I did win smallest! Yee Ha! Hey anyone could take biggest, that's easy, but sticking a hole in a little guys mouth, now that takes skill. I ended the day close to 20, maybe 18. 11 or 12 of those were the planters and the 7 or 8 were the bigger guys with one at 18 1/2".

    The highlight for me though was converting another soul to the dark side of indicator watching. Steven aka anti-team had never fished out of a boat on a lake and his biggest fish before that day was maybe a 12 incher. His first fish landed with me was 17" on a chromy under an indicator so we knocked that one out of the park.

    Yes I did land a fish casting and stripping a six pack but all the other fish landed in the boat were taken on micro leeches or chironomids.

    Roper, that jug trick is patten pending so I feel it is safe enough along on the process now to be revealed in picture form.
  11. It's true. Ira's dark side methods were pretty hard to argue with when I was catching the biggest fish I'd ever caught. I've got a lot to learn yet but it was very nice to catch some fish. A big thanks to Ira, for sure. I'm going out this coming weekend with my dad, hopefully I can spread the word...

    And thanks to everybody else who was out there, I really felt welcome during my first trip out on the stillwater. I had a great time and will definitely be hitting up more lakes this year. I'm sure I'll see some of you out there again this year!
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  12. Nice report! Gotta get out there soon, but heading to the beach on Friday!
  13. Great report!!! You guys make it sound fun enough to make me wish I could've been there.
  14. Whidvey camping trip with the family this fall and we will get a crowd of wff 'ers!
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  15. Great report, looks like a good time!
  16. Post Script: The weather was beautiful on Friday and I couldn't resist heading back over for a few hours in the afternoon. After no love off the point I hit the area in the back, where everyone caught some fish last Sunday. Casting and stripping the Camo Carey netted several quality fish and even a couple of Ira's "Trophy Dinks".
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