Lone and Crescent and ? next week - join me?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Next week I am off work and I'm going to FISH, FISH and FISH. 6/10 - 6/14 or 6/15.

    Monday morning I'll be at Lone Lake.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and potentially longer I'll be fishing Lake Crescent on the OP. I'll also be checking out the upper Sol Duc either Wednesday or Thursday.

    This is my route as far as I have it planned so far:

    Thursday and Friday are up in the air and just depend on what I feel like doing. Who knows, might do some SRC fishing in the salt, or maybe loop around the long way and fish the Little D after hitting some SRC fishing in the South Sound... totally at my (our) whim. I'm not even sure if I'm coming back Friday evening or if I'll stay out til Saturday. My only real obligation is to be back in town here in Mill Creek on Sunday the 16th.

    I will have my 12' 1967 Hewescraft Fisher with 8hp merc four stroke and a minnkota electric - accommodates two fly fishers. I will also have my 8' bucks south fork along with me in case I want to use it somewhere.

    I have room in my explorer for one. I will be camping at the campground on the west end of Lake Crescent at the Fairholme Campground.

    If you have the week off, or maybe you're retired or something I'd be totally jealous of, and you want to join me for this trip please send me a PM. I have no issue with going solo and fishing alone, but I've invariably enjoyed meeting and fishing with folks from this forum... so - the offer is open!

    Shoot me a PM and we can discuss.
  2. Bump.

    Last call for anyone that wants to share gas and hitch a ride in my boat on Crescent Lake.

  3. Jim, I just saw this, and you've got me going "Hmmmmm....":cool: I have no solid plans yet for next week.
    I've been surfing 6 out of the last 7 days, and I need a break. Am going for a paddle up a creek today in a couple of hours, with my 4 wt, since I haven't been fishing much due to bad casting arm. Surfing has been therapeutic... I think all the paddling has increased the circulation to my elbow. Now I need to go paddle my yak and make a few "test" casts to see if my arm can handle the casting motion.

    I have an 8' 4 wt set up with my Medalist 1492 1/2 and a Clear Camo intermediate. That is a dedicated R-hand drive reel, so I can try to cast and play fish using my good, left arm.

    Gotta go now and get ready to leave for the "trial run." I'll get back to you afterwards.

  4. Hope your arm is healin' up!

    Btw, I just updated the original post. "campground on the west end" -- I'm planning to get a site in the Fairholme campground.
  5. Wednesday morning looks good to me. Are you going to launch at Fairholme and fish the W end, or are you driving around to launch and fish the other end? I suppose that I'll have to leave early if I drive there to launch at dawn.
    I'll have my Ultimate 12 along too. If someone else wants to show up and fish with us, they can go along in your boat, I can just paddle.

    Paddling went OK yesterday. Didn't find any cutthroat though. I saw one unidentified fish splash the surface in the Johns River channel down at the mouth, out in front of the old oyster processing plant. Up in the river, the water was roiled, without much visibility, and I encountered no fish.

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