NFR Look what I fished up this morning

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nathan Weston, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Bob Newman

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    Unfortunately the sulfuric acid in even old batteries is capable of killing a large section of the creek.
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  2. Nathan Weston

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    Jeff and Kerry,
    Thank you so much for the offer and don't be surprised to get a call from me this fall. Josh we are having a cleanp up party in late july. When we frim up the date ill post it.

  3. Codioos

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    F yeah! Good work, brother!
  4. cuponoodle breakfast

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    You put in serious work!
  5. FinLuver

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    Them "squareheads" don't appear to put up much of a fight. Also, you appear to be about four over your limit on "keepers" too.

    Someone call the warden!! :D